Blue and Yellow Make Green: GE and Union Pacific Team-Up for a Win, Win, Win

Freight trains are already three times more fuel efficient than over-the-road trucks, and 400 miles or less seems to be the only place where trucks beat trains in overall efficiency. Yet the times necessitate innovation and invention from all. Union Pacific, GE and Mother Nature teamed up in Oakland on Friday morning for an outstanding … Continued

Is Growth Good?

Benjamin Friedman in The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth claims that economic growth is an imperative and morally necessary, particularly to raise the standard of living throughout the world. But is growth good? Several readers responded to this question on the Harvard Business School publication, Working Knowledge. Apparently most of the responses indicate that the … Continued

Farm subsidies help sustainability?

In NPR’s Morning Edition today (11-Oct), a reporter desribes a dilemma facing wealthy countries that provide farm subsidies. The Swiss government, for example, has long provided farm subsidies for various reasons–sustainability, tourism, national pride and cultural preservation among them. The problem is global trade talks will require the cessation of farm subsidies. The challenge the … Continued