A “Green” and Sustainable Chicago includes the Ban on Foie Gras

I am very happy with Mayor Daley’s goal to become the “greenest” city in the nation. We’ve made such progress in promoting sustainable agriculture, with the Green City Market and other farmer’s markets providing convenient outlets for purchasing humanely-raised, sustainable food. Chicago hosted Farm Aid two years ago with events around the city, where I … Continued

Walking the Talk – Organic, Humane, and Local

“Smithfield is taking a first step in phasing out crates for pigs, but I’m concerned about 1) the lack of producers moving to truly humane animal husbandry standards and 2) the recovery of the family farm,” my colleague at the Animal Welfare Institute told me. Yes, group housing for thousands of breeding sows in warehouses … Continued

Not Your Standard Airport Food

No more food on the plane…hmmm…Wolfgang Puck is right there; high quality food and now more veggie options, more organic ingredients, and a Humane Farm Animal Treatment program. I liked Puck’s already and these are even better reasons to eat there. With more than 80 Gourmet Express restaurants, Wolfgang Puck announced a systemic nine-point program … Continued

Cages are Opening, Crates are Disappearing

Boy, things are really happening in animal agriculture. Cages are opening, crates are disappearing, and businesses are considering the welfare of chickens in their supply chain. If you don’t follow the details of animal-related business practices, I’ll fill you in; this is BIG news. With a major announcement in the New York Times and Associated … Continued

Oops…that’s a Plastic Bag, not a Jellyfish

BYOB’s not what it used to be; at least not at IKEA. Their new mantra is “Bring Your Own Bag” and it is music to my ears. For years I’ve endured the look of surprise or scorn when I’ve answered the inevitable “paper or plastic?” with a third unspoken option “I brought my own.” I … Continued

Nice Trim

“Nice trim,” I was told. “Is that coyote fur?” It took me awhile for his words to sink in. I don’t wear fur. How in the world did I end up buying a coat with a coyote-trimmed fur hood? I didn’t know U.S. clothing retailers are not required to label fur if the fur is … Continued

Smithfield Foods Phasing Out Gestation Crates

My colleague emailed me last week, “I never thought I’d see this, not in my lifetime.” On January 25, 2007, Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the U.S., announced it will be phasing out hog gestation crates over the next decade. Several days later, Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s largest pork producer followed suit. Before … Continued

Synergizing Market Trends to Communicate Effectively with Cultural Creatives

Having only recently become aware of the Cultural Creatives market, a 50-million-strong and growing segment that shares such values as environmental sustainability and a healthy lifestyle , marketers are seeking ways to effectively communicate with it. According to hereshowmarketing.com, Cultural Creatives don’t mind advertising, but they want it to be informative, clear, and truthful without … Continued

Women – the New Target Market and Influencers in the Video Game Industry

I recently ran across an interesting article in the Sunday Herald that looked at the game industry and its impact on society. Drawing the scorn of many for its assumed links to increases in violent behavior in children, it evokes in those living a significant number of hours in this cyber reality a feverish obsession … Continued