Fighting for Detroit’s Agricultural Future

We’ve all seen the pictures, we’ve all heard the horror stories. We know about the 25% unemployment rate, the unsolved crimes; we know there’s not a single chain grocery store within the city limits. Detroit is depicted as the picture of dystopian America. But not everyone sees it that way. Plans to revitalize it surface … Continued

Sir Richard’s Condoms: Buy One, Give One

You might have read about the Pope’s recent (slight) revision of the Catholic Church’s stance on condom-use — a stance with far greater impact in the developing world than elsewhere. In a case of near-perfect timing, Sir Richard’s Condom Company has entered the market, promising to donate one condom to the developing world for every … Continued

Clean Dev Mechanism Reauthorizes HFC-23 Credits. Is There A Market?

We have reported several times on the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)’s HFC-23 crisis, and now the CDM Executive Board has decided, essentially, that the crisis was a false alarm. Back in June, CDM Watch, a monitoring group, alleged that up to one-third of all the carbon emission reduction credits issued by the CDM may … Continued

Chicago Climate Exchange to Cease Operations

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the U.S.’s only emissions credit exchange, will close shop by year’s end, citing a lack of legislative interest. While voluntary, the exchange was legally binding, and counted among its members Dupont, Motorola and IBM. The exchange suffered a blow when it became clear no meaningful climate legislation would make it … Continued

Maine Architect-Builder Team Offer Modular Net-Zero Homes

Energy-efficient homes constructed from sustainable materials are gaining traction across the country, but two Maine companies say they have created the first US modular net-zero homes, featuring superinsulation, efficient heaters and solar panels; together, the features will generate as much energy as the home will use in a year. Because they’re modular, the homes on … Continued

Coming Soon to a City Near You? The 2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford has identified the markets it will target with its debut fleet of Focus Electrics, which is slated for release in just over a year. The chosen few are a variety of cities from coast to coast. Ford used a number of criteria to determine where best to launch its first electric vehicle, including sustained … Continued

UK Prime Minister Cameron Moves on Happiness Index

Following in the footsteps of Nicolas Sarkozy, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has directed the Office of National Statistics to develop metrics to measure the UK’s “general well-being.” Happiness indices have received a fair amount of press in recent years (including here at Triple Pundit) since Nobel Laureate economists Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen began … Continued

Sage Electrochromics Receives $80 Million to Commercialize Energy-Saving Glass

Sage Electrochromics has received an $80 million strategic investment to help bring their relatively inexpensive electronically-tintable dynamic glass to market. Sage makes a glass technology that absorbs heat, and the best measure of its potential may be the identity of their new investor: Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest glass and construction material manufacturers. SageGlass … Continued

IBM Supply Chain Software Improves McKesson’s Bottom Line

Supply chain emissions are notoriously difficult to track. With the complexity surrounding them, it’s not hard to see why companies tend to ignore them when setting reduction goals in CSR and environmental reports. Tracking the emissions generated from harvesting natural resources, through transportation, refinement, assembly, and delivery to an end-user seemed like an insurmountable task … Continued

More “Enertia” in Washington: Brammo Makes the Case for American Ingenuity

Everyone remembers the network and cable news brouhaha when the CEOs of the Big Three automakers each flew to Washington, DC on corporate jets at a total cost of $45,000 to plead with Congress for a bailout. The CEOs’ journey was recently retraced by two employees of Brammo, the electric motorcycle firm based in Ashland, … Continued

Disney Goes Green*

The Walt Disney Company has announced medium and long-term energy and environmental goals, with big plans to reduce emissions and waste, and cut electricity and fuel use. The announcements were part of the company’s 2008 CSR Report, which included a GHG inventory, plus analysis of waste and water usage. The company first began taking stock … Continued