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Resetting Business Strategy in Today’s Volatile Social Landscape

Nowadays, companies that relegate sustainability or corporate responsibility initiatives as stand-alone programs are at great risk of falling behind their competitors and losing consumers’ faith, as explained in this new book by James Rubin and Barie Carmichael.

Fish Pain: Latest Animal Welfare Cause

The growing sense of awareness about how we treat the animals we eat has overlooked fish, but more research keeps confirming that yes, fish do feel pain.

Hugo Boss Accused of Forced Labor in India

According to a recent report, evidence of worker confinement and other examples of bonded labor have been found in the supply chain of luxury fashion retailer Hugo Boss.

Time’s Up on Workplace Harassment of All Women, Say These Activists

Over 300 women, who are mostly from the worlds of film, television and theater, have launched Time’s Up, an initiative that seeks to address inequality and injustice in the workplace – for all women, not just those with a long filmography or huge Twitter following.

5 Sustainable Business Predictions for 2018

The following are five trends we expect to unfold during 2018. Expect to see many headlines focused on these issues in the coming year, here on 3p and elsewhere.

China Cuts the Ribbon at its First Solar Highway

A new solar road in China will serve as a test bed to evaluate new solar technologies, with an overarching goal to reduce the amount of land needed for solar farms and transmission wires. But does its cost justify the investment?