Lesley Lammers

Lesley Lammers is a freelance sustainability consultant and journalist, focused on the intersection between the environment, food, social impact, human rights, health and entrepreneurship.

Farmstays Become Summer Vacation of Choice for the Eco-Minded

Many folks itching for an alternative vacation this summer are considering staying on a farm. Farm Stay U.S., the best resource for the curious first-time farm vacationer, was founded by Scottie and Greg Jones of Leaping Lamb Farm with the idea that, “We believe the majority of Americans are hugely disconnected from their food and … Continued

Earthships Provide Path to Future Self-Sustaining Homes

Rolling up to the Earthships world headquarters in Taos, New Mexico is like stumbling upon an alien planet – a striking, stark desert backdrop with funky colorful bounds dotting the landscape– which as you get closer you soon realize are actual people’s houses. An Earthship is a thermal mass, passive solar home that allows one … Continued

BSR CEO Pushes CSR Envelope at ASQ Conference

This past week I had the privilege of attending the American Society for Quality (ASQ) inaugural Pathways to Corporate Social Responsibility Conference in San Francisco, where the quality side of business broke bread with corporate social responsibility (CSR) gurus to expound upon their synergies and determine how to move forward in unison.

Survey Shows Most Restaurants Recycle & Consumers Dig It

A survey conducted in March and April 2011 by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) with support of Georgia-Pacific Professional was recently released, assessing restaurant recycling habits and consumer demand for and perception of restaurant recycling programs. The resulting report entitled Recycling for All the Right Returns:  Meeting Demands of Consumers, Nature – and Restaurants’ Bottom … Continued

Zynga and Dreyer’s Give Farmville Players a Real Life Farm

Farmville, the widely used Facebook game, is moving players’ hands off the computer keyboard and into some real, non-virtual dirt this summer. On June 13, Farmville’s top winning competitors will have the opportunity to travel to Farmville, VA and plant a real fruit orchard.  The creation of this new orchard is to acknowledge the branded … Continued

Organic Eggs Not Created Equal, Says New Scorecard

Next time you’re at the grocery store aisle picking out eggs, you might need to think twice before assuming one organic brand is interchangeable with another. According to the Cornucopia Institute (CI), a non-profit which promotes economic justice for family scale farming, all organic eggs are not alike. They recently released the report Scrambled Eggs: … Continued

Kraft Foods Announces Big Sustainability Goals for 2015

Kraft Foods, the packaged food and snack giant — which includes such household brand names as Oreos, Triscuits, Ritz, LU, Maxwell House, Kool-Aid, Chips Ahoy, Jell-O, Cadbury products, Oscar Meyer, Nabisco, & Kraft macaroni and cheese products – announced this month that they will be increasing sustainability goals for the 2010-2015 period. In addition to … Continued

EU Trial Project to Compensate Fishermen for Catching Plastic Waste

The European Union’s fisheries commissioner, Maria Damanaki, revealed new plans to pay fishermen to catch plastic trash in order to solve the simultaneously detrimental issues of decreasing fish stocks and the buildup of plastic debris in European fishing waters. A pilot project will begin this month in the Mediterranean whereby fishermen will be given the … Continued

Landfill-Bound Lobster Shells Find Home in Recycled Products

Ever wonder what happens to all those lobster shells after seafood processors de-shell them before packaging?  Millions of lobster shells end up in the landfill each year, while only a small portion become seafood garden compost or lobster meal, an additive in animal feed.  A few innovative academics and businesspeople took on this waste stream … Continued

Interview with Starbucks VP of Global Responsibility, Ben Packard

With today’s launch of Starbucks’ tenth annual Global Responsibility Report for 2010, Ben Packard spoke with me about what the company has accomplished this year and what challenges lie ahead in achieving their environmental stewardship, community involvement and ethical sourcing targets. To view the interactive report, visit:  http://www.starbucks.com/responsibility Lesley Lammers: Thanks for taking the time … Continued

Clif Bar Marks Ten Years of Sustainable Business Practices

One decade ago Clif Bar & Company made a commitment to be sustainable and today has proven to continuously raise the bar for fellow entrepreneurs on what it means to be a sustainable business. From the outside, it appears as though Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, Clif Bar’s co-CEOs, and their innovative staff have thought … Continued

Habitat Horticulture’s “Living Walls”

City dwellers who spend their daily lives surrounded by a concrete and steel jungle often yearn for something that resembles nature and can bring them back to earth amidst their urban environment.  This is where Habitat Horticulture Living Walls + Design decided to step in.  The landscape architecture company’s core belief is that “plants provide … Continued

Seed Bomb Business Explodes in UK

In the spirit of pro-activism and guerilla gardening (gardening without permission), seed bombs are usually thrown into vacant, blighted lots under the cover of night, but with their growing popularity perhaps folks will start tossing them around on their morning walk with the dog.  Seed bombs have traditionally been made with rich soil, a few … Continued

The “Urban Farming Guys” Seek to Transform Blighted Kansas City Neighborhood

 The Urban Farming Guys are a group of self-proclaimed “revolutionaries” made up of 20 families who decided to move from suburbia to the inner-city of Kansas City, MO to start a community urban farm and sustainable living experiment.  The families all bought houses within a five block radius of one another, aiming to provide … Continued