Energy Scavenging: Squeezing Watts from Motion

Using the same technology that allows hybrid cars to recycle braking energy, Max Donelan invented a gadget that produces power from the human knee – capable of producing 2.5 watts of electricity per leg. The unit is not too practical at the moment, but the technology and potential is sound. Currently the knee power generator … Continued

Challenges of Green Residential Development: Resistance to Change Intro

In short, it all begins with education from the bottom up, and regarding everyone involved in a building process. First of all, consumer awareness on green building is murky for the majority. For example, I have several prospective clients and or builders ask me each week what green building means to me. Many assume that … Continued

Operating your car for a greener result: Tips and Methods Part I

If you are one of those people out there who thinks a green car means you have to own a hybrid or a natural gas vehicle, think again. There are ways to essentially “green” your car without meeting the above criteria. Basically, it matters not what type of car you have: the way you operate … Continued

Paylocity: Making Green Happen Internally

In June of 2006 Paylocity moved it’s business into a new office and the employees were surprised to find themselves surrounded by green. The carpets and work stations are composed of recycled materials including energy efficient lighting and water heating at point of source. Paylocity is a payroll and HR solutions provider and has been … Continued

RecycleBank: Good Business, Green Motivation

RecycleBank, founded by Ron Gonen is setting the standard for doing good while profiting at green business. In fact their catchy slogan on the navy blue recycle containers aptly states, “preserving our environment one home at a time.” In this case, the statement is certainly true. The idea is so simple and yet so solid … Continued

Rainforest Alliance SmartWood Certification

Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood certification guarantees that the hardwoods provided were harvested responsibly. Accordingly, the certified producers of these hardwoods are also making moves to maximize the habitat and watershed preservation. Synthetic pesticides are also slated to be reduced, however, not eliminated altogether. For example, one fine and legendary use for this SmartWood has been implemented … Continued

Fuel Cells: Japanese harness the power of hydrogen for electricity and hot water

2200 Japanese home owners draw their power and heat their hot water from hydrogen fuel cells. The technology, which extracts energy from the chemical reaction when hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water, is more commonly found as an application for automobiles rather than homes. Developers claim that fuel cells cause one-third less of the … Continued

3form: Resin Encapsulated Technology; High-End Fashion Design

I was introduced to the 3form company at a local green gathering recently. The company produces materials for the architectural and design community and is working nicely in a green direction. I really liked the materials they used and the massive variety of applications for them. Their unique products cast a very modern and stunning … Continued

Richard Branson’s new push, biofuels; coconut oil fueled airliner

Richard Branson, the business man that makes headlines seemingly every week. This time, it is for a green cause, he made history by becoming the first commercial airliner owner to fuel a flight with a partial load of biofuels. The debatable point is this, it took the oil of 150,000 coconuts and some babassu palm … Continued

VIVAVI: Eco-friendly furnishings, design, build, connections

Those of you with big wqallets and a strong desire to go green with furnishings in your home or office should not overlook It is a site that offers a large variety of modern green furnishings from some of the industry’s top designers and manufacturers. I myself simply had a great time shopping through … Continued

FuelMeister II: Personal Biodiesel Processor

One problem consumer’s face when wanting to use biofuels is building an in-house processor for creating biodiesel to further shave costs. This is no small feat so Renewal Biodiesel has created a second generation do-it-yourself system that makes it a snap. The system is aptly coined the FuelMeister II. The biggest benefit to this system … Continued

Hycrete Admixture: concrete waterproofing solution

Michael Rhodes was one of the masterminds behind solid rocket fuel over 40 years ago. Today he is throwing his chemical genius into the concrete arena. Welcome Hycrete Admixture, a blend of metallic ions and calcium moleculesthat react to seal the capillaries in concrete. The result is a waterproof concrete through and through. Hycrete eliminates … Continued

LED Bulbs: Efficient lighting is here to stay…..

The introduction of LED light bulbs into the market has been hindered due to several factors. Namely: lumens (brightness) color (led produce blue radiance vs. white) market promotion and affordability. Although LED bulbs for residential and commercial applications are not quite where they need to be, they are starting to scratch their way into the … Continued

In-house Gray Water Systems: Simple solutions for water management

Nearly half the water used in the home is flushed down the toilet. There are many solutions for under sink gray water units that help save and recycle usable water. A strong contender among the competition is the AQUS gray water system which efficiently captures the water from the sink and transfers it to the … Continued

HardiePlank Siding: Tough, good-looking, green

A fast favorite among green builders is the super durable HardiePlank siding. Not unlike the HardieBacker many of us are familiar with using when laying down tile. Composed of wood pulp, cement, sand and water, the end product will not rot, crack or split. The green benefits are many including the recycled components and the … Continued