Nanosolar: Power to the people

Nanosolar coatings are as thin as a layer of paint and can tranfer sunlight into power quite efficiently. Imagine the possibilities, from solar coated shingles to solar lined windows to solar powered cell phones and ipods. Solar powered buildings and homes might just become standard in the future thanks to this innovative technology by Nanosolar … Continued

TiO2 paint: At war with pollution

Commercial and urban buildings have a large variety of different exterior applications available, also known as it’s “skin.” Some buildings are painted in order to preserve and protect the surface exposed to the elements. The problem with painting applications is that it degrades over time and releases harmful toxins into the environment. With the endless … Continued

IBM: Silicon Waste To Solar Power

On Tuesday, International Business Machines reported that it had developed a process to recycle discarded computer-chip wafers into solar panels. The good news, IBM can now recycle a percentage of the some three million silicon wafers used to build computer chips that have been discarded annually in the past. The major benefit from recycling this … Continued

Desiccant Systems: A new way to cool

There is a new form of cooling and heating on the horizon that is hoping to replace the inefficiency of the current systems that dominate the market. Desiccant systems, also known as thermally driven air conditioning, what? Desiccants remove moisture to reduce humidity, improve air quality, and energy efficiency. Desiccant materials are those that attract … Continued

Green Mortgage FYI

Will going green save the real estate market and help lenders recover from the sub-prime credit crunch? In the wake of the sub-prime mess, and the decline in real estate sales there is a silver lining…or better yet…a ‘green’ lining. From Green homes to green mortgages, going green will change the world and the way … Continued

What I want in a new home

If I’m going to sign my life away on a mortgage for freshly built house to live in; I want a house that is more than just a roof over my head, more than just a slapped together stick frame with some extras like granite counter tops a solid wood front door, and one tree … Continued

Home Energy Weak Spots

According to a recent study commissioned by JELD-WEN, a manufacturer of windows and doors, nearly 26 percent of homeowners say what they dislike most about their existing windows and doors is that they are drafty and inefficient. As the temperature outside drops, it’s hard not to notice that these inefficiencies quickly turn into rising utility … Continued

Pliable Cork Creativity

Home decor has climbed aboard the green movement by directing its focus on eco-friendly furnishings and sustainable materials.This revolution by design is attempting to establish a cohesive relationship with the green lifestyle and attitude. From wall coverings to case goods, from flooring to upholstery, furnishings of sustainably harvested materials have taken hold. A fine example … Continued

World Series Going Solar

The 103rd World Series is here, the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies both swinging at a shot to become the next world champs. So what does this have to do with green business? It has to do with Coors Field, home to the Rockies, which happens to be the first stadium to harness the … Continued

Bamboo: A Smart Flooring Alternative

Bamboo is inexpensive, available in a variety of styles and is a renewable resource. Bamboo flooring is similar in appearance to hardwood but is even more durable in terms of scuffing, wear and expansion. Bamboo is harvested in plantations that take only 3-6 years to reach maturity. Although still not widely used, it is perhaps … Continued

Clay: Old World Look in the New Age

This past weekend a new all natural earth plaster was unveiled at the Traditional Building Exhibition & Conference in New Orleans. American Clay Enterprises is the company behind the all-natural plaster. The wall plaster is nothing entirely new however; it is the descendant of an ancient wall surface which happens to be an advantageous product … Continued

Water Cops: USA Today article highlighted

Wednesday’s (10.17.07) USA Today featured a story titled: Sprinkling the lawn? Look out for H20 cops “Drought-Stricken areas serious about water limits” The article is about the fines that are being slapped on homeowners for watering their lawns in Georgia during water restrictions resulting from a drought. I felt this article fell inline nicely with … Continued

Water wise: Sub-surface irrigation, what’s that?

Proper watering methods are seldom practiced by most gardeners who either under or over water when irrigating. For us who have no water sense there is a product out there that makes watering efficient and more importantly, easy!! The product is Netafim dripperline and its duties lie under the soil not above. In short, Netafim … Continued

Watch out wood, make way for AAC!!

A unique product called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or better remembered as AAC is coming to the Wild West. A fan of this intriguing product described AAC as concrete that thinks its wood. It differs from standard concrete mainly by the millions of tiny air cells which give AAC it’s amazing insulating properties. Although the advantages … Continued

Green Home Building Pioneers

In the quaint city of Saratoga Springs Utah, I found a developer bold enough to tackle the traditional building system and step out of what he calls the “wooden box” for his residential housing project. Dave Christenson, Co-owner of Coyote Creek Estates is planning to build 24 luxury Green homes with a firm resolution to … Continued