The posts on this page are contributed by students from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business in conjunction with the newly launched Center for Social Value Creation. The center's mission is to develop leaders with a deep sense of individual responsibility and the knowledge to use business as a vehicle for social change. These posts are a way to continue the dialogue outside of the classroom and share the viewpoints of Smith students on the challenges and opportunities of triple bottom line thinking.

The Genesis of Social Value – A Perfect Storm

 By Melissa Carrier Last year, I asked our Smith School Faculty Committee a simple question, “What does social value creation look like in your field of study?” They looked at each other, intrigued by the question. So, the challenge was born to define social value creation across business disciplines. Each faculty member took the next … Continued

Non-Profit or For-Profit: The Social Entrepreneurs Dilemma

The choice between setting up as a non-profit and a for-profit is especially difficult for social entrepreneurs who aspire to do well by doing good. But the difference between the two structures may not be as stark as it first appears.

Advice for Entrepreneurs on Workforce Engagement

Social enterprises excel at achieving higher levels of workforce engagement and motivation and can provide valuable insights about workforce engagement and motivation in the broader context of improving local business productivity and competitiveness.

Does Social Finance Have a Place in the Classroom?

Should social finance be incorporated into the business curriculum? Current opinion says no, but upcoming, socially conscious millenials disagree. Will schools tune in to popular demand and include it in the near future?

Climate Change: No Longer on the Backburner

This recent heat wave has reengaged the public’s interest in climate change and what can be done to curb the emission of greenhouse gases. The fact of the matter is that consensus has shifted. At the turn of the 21st century, skepticism with regard to climate change was acceptable; this is no longer the case.

Justice and Democracy In Social Media – KONY

By Amadou M. Cissé I am sure by now that most of you have heard about if not already seen the video that went viral on YouTube entitled Kony 2012, a documentary asking to put an end to the abhorrent activities to the International Criminal Court’s most wanted criminal, Joseph Kony.  A Ugandan national, Kony … Continued

Economic Prosperity vs. Environmental Stewardship in China

By Amadou M. Cissé, EMBA 12, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland A few days ago, on my way home I was listening to NPR and I heard about yet another chemical spill in a river in China.  It turns out that seven people had been detained in connection with the toxic … Continued

Getting Hospitality to See Green

By Eric Flamer The US Green Building Council reports that as of March 3, 2011, 91 hotel properties have achieved LEED certification, with an additional 1100 projects registering with LEED and working towards certification. From my employment experience in the Washington, DC convention hotel market, the truth is that most of the buildings dedicated to hospitality … Continued

Training for the Sustainable Supply Chain

By Stephen Huie, MBA 2012 In recent years, organizations have developed increasingly creative and large scale supply chain initiatives to deal with increasing energy costs, a recessionary environment, and consumer demand for sustainable processes. To capitalize on this evolution in practice, academic institutions must also make a conscious effort to train the next generation of … Continued

Bridging the Gap Between Food Insecurity and Food Waste

By: Kathryn Cai Part of the reason why I love the summertime is that I’m so happy and carefree. I can bask in sunshine all day long and play outside surrounded by growing things. However, it would be silly to overlook the contribution that food brings to my happy, healthy mentality. In the summer, my consumption … Continued

Better World Books: Bringing Sustainability to the Printed Word

By Kathryn Cai As a reader I cherish the complete experience of reading a book:  the weight of it in my hands, the smell of the pages, the permanence of the words, and most especially, because every good book claims a little part of me, the knowledge that I can reopen the same pages and … Continued

Equal Exchange, Fair Trade Execs on Certification, Consumption and Change

By Becky Eisen, MBA Student at the University of Maryland, Smith School of Business; President, Smith Net Impact Chapter As Leslie Lammers put the finishing touches on Organic Eggs Not Created Equal, Says New Scorecard, I spent the day at the Just Means Certification, Consumption and Change Conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC, listening … Continued

The Mission-Profit Continuum: A Lesson from Executive Shadowing

By Stephen Huie This past Friday, I visited Community Wealth Ventures and Share Our Strength as part of the Smith Net Impact Club’s Executive Shadowing Program.  Other students visited Noblis, a non-profit scientific and engineering research center. I learned a lot, especially about the role of mission in circumscribing the limits of earned income social ventures. Community Wealth Ventures Community … Continued

EPA’s National Sustainability Design Expo: A Glimpse At Our Better Future

By Guillermo Olivos Yesterday I had the honor of joining a select group of ambassadors and corporate executives to get a sneak preview of the EPA’s National Sustainability Design Expo and P3 Competition. The event is designed as an annual event for (directly from the brochure) “teams of graduate and undergraduate students to design solutions … Continued