A New Clothing Brand So Transparent It’s Almost See-through

A truly sustainable brand not only covers every aspect of products and logistics but addresses economic and social impacts. The current economic climate has raised some interesting questions about how we do business and made people re-think stock control, overbuying and the Sale Culture of the high street. With a more streamlined business model, we have moved our green ethos into our business model as well as our product. We are really exited about the possibilities.

Coke Looking to Lead on Sustainability

Walmart is now the largest supplier of Organic Milk, Chevron is spending millions asking consumers to drive less and Clorox recently launched a green cleaning product. Is it possible there has been a fundamental shift in the priorities of big business? Or has Hell just had it’s first frost?
The Coca-Cola Company seems to believe sustainability is a matter of sound business strategy in next millennium. Which is why in August of 2008, The Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council (CCRRC) brought the most knowledgeable environmental experts in the world together with the 150 largest retailers in the world – the purpose, “Responding to the Growing Concern for the Environment.”

Innovation on Display at Expo West

The Natural Products Expo in Anaheim showcases the newest and most innovative products in natural, organic and healthy living.