Peel & stick solar fulfills the need … for speed!

Watch as two roofing engineers with California-based roofing contractor DRI Energy install 2.25 kilowatts’ worth of Lumeta PowerPly modules on a roof in Irvine in just under 35 minutes.

A mighty big wind … turbine

At 7.5 MW – twice as big as the competition, which clock in at an average of around 3.5 MW – the Britannia achieves the economy of scale that offsets the extra cost of offshore development, while simultaneously reducing the number of platforms you need. Which means, paradoxically, that with a larger wind turbine, you leave a smaller environmental footprint (hey Bobby Kennedy Jr., are you listening?)

OPEC: “Half the world’s financial assets”

At $100 a barrel OPEC’s market capitalization stands on roughly $92 trillion, almost half of the world’s total financial assets and nearly twice the market capitalization of all the companies traded in the world’s 27 top stock markets.