Freelance writer Mary Catherine O'Connor finds that a growing number of companies are proving the ways that they can make good financially, socially and environmentally (as the triple bottom line theory suggests).With that in mind, she contributes to Triple Pundit, as well as to Earth2Tech and other pubs focused on sustainability. She also writes The Good Route, an Outside Magazine blog that addresses the intersection of sustainability and the active/outdoor life.To find out more, or to reach her, go to

Corporations With Benefits

Since 2007, B Lab has been certifying companies that pledged to meet comprehensive standards for social and environmental performance (in addition to running viable businesses, of course). Through a vetting and auditing process, B Lab began certifying some applicant companies as “B Corps” and today there are more than 475 of these firms, across 60 different industries.

Volcom’s Give Jeans a Chance Campaign Sparks Charitable Youth

We talked to Derek Sabori about Volcom’s Give Jeans a Chance program, which is specifically focused on donating jeans to youth in need — since as much as 40 percent of the homeless have been under the age of 18 in recent years — and Volcom’s overall New Future sustainability platform.

One for One Makes Consumers Feel Like Philanthropists

In 2006, Blake Mycoskie started as a shoe company. He also started a movement. Well, at the very least, he trademarked a movement: One for OneTM. Having witnessed extreme poverty during a trip to Argentina, Mycoskie was inspired to start a footwear company in which, for each pair of shoes sold, he’d donate a new pair to a child who, like so many he met in Argentina, is in dire need of shoes. TOMS was born.

Stakeholder Engagement Only Works if You Stay Engaged

This post is part of a series on Stakeholder Engagement sponsored by Jurat Software. On those occasions when I find myself in front of a television, flipping through stations, I love finding those short, low-budget commercials that small businesses cobble together. Here in the Bay Area, the spots produced by Dr. Jang and his unreasonably-smiley … Continued

Seeking Traction with Investors? You’ve Got Two Minutes

Last week, Triple Pundit enjoyed fly-on-the-wall status at a pitch session between cleantech entrepreneurs and a panel of cleantech investors from leading Bay Area firms. Thirteen entrepreneurs took their pitches to the podium, each were given two minutes to describe their product or service, and each then fielded questions from the panel. Once the Q/A … Continued

Startup America Gives Cleantech Entrepreneurs a Leg Up

U.S. Small Business Administrator Karen Mills on Wednesday revealed details of a pilot program through which it is working with four cleantech business accelerators across the country to provide mentoring to 100 entrepreneurs in the cleantech arena. The pilot is the inaugural program of the Entrepreneurial Mentor Corps (EMC), a component of Startup America, a … Continued Tesla for the Rest of Us

It’s a good guess that most Tesla owners are jet-setters. But the Tesla Roadster owned by one anonymous Bay Area man might get around even more than he does. That’s because he’s sharing his $157,000 EV two-seater. With you. Or with whomever would like to drive it (as long as he or she has a … Continued

Want to Get Outta Dodge with an EV? Start in Seattle, Turn East.

The Obama Administration wants to see one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. Reaching that goal will take more than a commitment from carmakers. They could pump out five million EVs, but that wouldn’t solve one major hurdle to adoption, the dreaded “range anxiety” that drivers feel over full electric vehicles. Take the … Continued

Mi Coche, Su Coche? A New Kind of Car-Sharing Seeks Traction

Forget about a cup of sugar, your neighbor might just be eyeing your ride, instead. And thanks to a crop of car-sharing services that put a twist on the Zipcar model, you may soon be able to pimp out your Plymouth. RelayRides, a Boston-based startup, announced this week that it is expanding its car-sharing service … Continued

Bill Nye’s Climate Scouts: Our Great Green Hope

First off, the scary and bad news: During a speaking engagement at the University of Southern California last week, Bill Nye collapsed. He was reportedly mid-sentence when he collapsed, and though he tried to continue his talk, his speech became strained and he eventually left the stage. We’re sending him good vibes and hoping he’s … Continued

Weekend Photo Essay: Clif Bar’s Sweet New Digs

From its smart employee stock ownership plan to its tasty, organic products, Clif Bar offers plenty of employee benefits. But until recently, daylight and elbow room didn’t rate very highly on that list. That’s because its original Berkeley, Calif., location became snugger and snugger with each new hire, and the industrial setting didn’t allow much … Continued

Curbside Recycling & Energy Management: The Gov’s Latest Tools of Oppression

Fountain Hills, a master planned community of roughly 25,000 in the mountains northwest of Scottsdale, Arizona, has well-appointed (if homogenous) homes and public art and beautiful mountain vistas. With lots of park space and golf courses, it seems like a lovely place to live…except that the town government is launching a plot to start etching … Continued

Coca Cola’s PlantBottle: Digging Up the Roots

Packaging, because it’s ubiquitous and because it is tied irrevocably to our purchasing decisions, is very personal. Branding has made packaging more than just the housing for the products we buy—in many cases, a product and its package are forever married. (The square Fiji Water bottle, for example, is much more than a vessel. To … Continued Acquisition Highlights Growth in Social Commerce

Back in 1998, way before the word “green” was widely bandied around as a verb, Lawrence Axil Comras set off on a new venture to develop a rating and certification system for eco-friendly home products. It kind of flopped. “It was a small, difficult market and the suppliers wouldn’t deal with me,” he says. “But … Continued