Freelance writer Mary Catherine O'Connor finds that a growing number of companies are proving the ways that they can make good financially, socially and environmentally (as the triple bottom line theory suggests).With that in mind, she contributes to Triple Pundit, as well as to Earth2Tech and other pubs focused on sustainability. She also writes The Good Route, an Outside Magazine blog that addresses the intersection of sustainability and the active/outdoor life.To find out more, or to reach her, go to

On the Agenda: Sustainable Event Standards

Mountains of paper waste, frigid air-conditioned conference rooms, endless supplies of plastic water bottles and not a recycling bin in sight. Just a handful of years ago, when I was working in the events industry, this was the norm. Wastefulness, if it was given any thought at all, was merely considered a byproduct of holding … Continued

Top 5 Business Insights from LOHAS Forum

Last week’s LOHAS Forum generated lots of buzz here at Triple Pundit. As I combed through my copious notes from the two days of meetings, I came up with these five top insights that I brought back to San Francisco with me. 1: Time-tested, stalwart sustainable companies are growing strong. As I wrote earlier this … Continued

Mother Earth News and the Growth of Affinity Journalism

I had a wide ranging conversation with Bryan Welch, publisher of Ogden Publications following his fun and inspirational keynote address at the LOHAS Forum. You might not recognize Ogden Publications but you will certainly know its magazines, which include The Utne Reader and Mother Earth News, a magazine about gardening, alternative transportation, country living, self-sufficiency … Continued

A Tale of Two Plastic Bottles at LOHAS Forum

More articles on the controversy surrounding bottled water can be found here! During an information-sharing panel at the LOHAS Forum about the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf, many attendees had one simple question: what could they do to help? Charles Hambleton, producer of the documentary The Cove, suggested that anyone wanting to improve the … Continued

LOHAS: Don’t Miss the Ark, and Don’t Miss the Point

The two keynote sessions at the LOHAS Forum here in Boulder, Colo., Thursday morning conveyed two main themes–or rather, warnings. The first was that the big green consumer ark is about to set sail, but the companies that steer it might not be the grassroots LOHAS brands in the audience. Instead, massive multinational companies–like the … Continued

Climate Law Ban Ballot-Bound, But Schwarzenegger Bolsters Support of AB32

Back in May, the California Jobs Initiative submitted to California’s Secretary of State’s office more than 800,000 signatures in support of a ballot measure to stall implementation of the state’s 2006 landmark law designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since that’s nearly double the number of signatures required for a measure to make the ballot, … Continued

Surf Trip Spawns Sustainable Shoe Startup – Indosole

Back in 2004, while working as a sales rep in the outdoor/action sports industry, Kyle Parsons took a vacation to Bali that changed the course of his life. Kind of. See, he used to sell ski helmets and now he sells flip-flops. But the terms have changed. Instead or representing other company’s brands, Parsons started … Continued

Will Green Tech = Drill, Baby, Drill?

What’s the problem with rare earth minerals? The problem is that they’re rare—maybe even rarer than we used to believe—but they’ve got a major role to fill in the clean energy economy (not to mention consumer electronics). Rare earth minerals  are lightweight, resist heat and are crucial ingredients in the magnets and other components that … Continued

Greener Future Slices Through the Smog in Taiwan

A spinning turbine blade was the first thing I saw as my plane made its final approach to Taoyuan International airport in Taipei, Taiwan earlier this month. Clean energy might not be the first thing most people think of when they imagine Taipei, especially given its history as a dirty, polluted city, but the island … Continued

Businesses to Benefit from Calif. Bag Ban; We’d All Benefit from National Ban

San Francisco’s ban on plastic shopping bags has been in place since early 2008, but you wouldn’t know it by walking down my Mission District street. Granted, I live on the trashy side of the street–prevalent wind patterns deposit the neighborhood litter on the west side of every block in my hood. But on a … Continued

Ford Puts Change Down on Paper

Nicole DesNoyer, a producer in Ford’s internal communications group, took an idea and ran with it. With a background in ad agencies, DesNoyer joined the company in 2006 with an eye on sustainability. “We produce a lot of internal documents,” she says. (Documents like Ford magazines, materials for employees, etc.) “We started a small group … Continued

Samasource and the Business of Alleviating Poverty

We’ve covered the inspiring work of Samasource before. But we felt we’d be remiss for wrapping up our series on the social side of sustainability without including another look at this innovative effort.  Though it is a non-profit, Samasource works as a bridge between profit-based, socially-responsible companies, and marginalized people in countries such as Africa and throughout … Continued

CEO in the Spotlight: Organic Valley’s George Siemon

Back in January, many of you, 3p readers, told us that when it comes to sustainability, George Siemon was the top CEO in all the land. For the rest of you who might not know about this organic farming pioneer, we’d like to introduce you. Triple Pundit talked with Siemon recently about what it means … Continued

Salazar Separates Church and State in Interior Dept.

Amidst Senate hearing and other investigations into the causes and guilty parties linked to last month’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill, the US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced Tuesday that he is making some important changes to the Minerals Management Service.  This bureau within the Department of the Interior … Continued

Will Deepwater Disaster Stem Drilling? No Chance, Says Expert

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill—wait, can we call it a gush? spill is too polite—Obama put a moratorium on new drilling leases, Calif. Gov. Schwarzenegger reversed his support for the plan to allow new drilling into the Tranquillon Ridge formation off the coast of Santa Barbara and the fishing, shipping and energy … Continued