“Wasteless in Seattle” – One City’s Sustainable Plan

An initiative called “Wasteless in Seattle” launched by the city of Seattle’s Public Utilities is poised to become the first model for a “zero waste” city. To do this, Seattle plans on drastically reducing their need for landfills, as well as decreasing transportation and energy costs. The key to their plan is waste prevention rather … Continued

Can Profitability & Spiritual Meaning Be Connected?

Is it possible to maximize profits and find deep spiritual meaning in our work at the same time? A new book written by Peter and Monika Mitchell Ressler, a husband and wife from New York called Spiritual Capitalism: What the FDNY Taught Wall Street About Money, offers answers to that question with bold new voices … Continued

Introducing The KLD Global Climate 100 Index

In conjunction with the discussions of climate change at the G8 meetings, socially responsible investment (SRI) research firm KLD Research & Analytics announced their launch of the KLD Global Climate 100(GC100) Index in collaboration with the Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), a research nonprofit whose mission is “to accelerate the attainment of optimal, ecologically sustainable … Continued

Companies Paying Employees To Buy Hybrids

Many companies have basic employee incentive programs, but not too many have incentives like Timberland, Hyperion Software, and Topics Entertainment who are giving employees cash money to switch from large cars and SUVs to more eco-friendly hybrids. Read this amazing story in the Seattle Times.

VC’s Investing Millions into “Clean Tech” Start-Ups

According to Silicon Valley venture capital companies, the “Clean Tech” revolution is upon us. Clean Tech refers to companies opertaing in solar energy, water purification systems and alternative automotive fuels. Investor interest in clean-energy tech firms has jumped in the past year to over $520 million, fueled in part by escalating global demand for electricity … Continued

Find ANY Sustainability/CSR Report Ever Created

I’ve been using a great, free site called CorporateRegister.com for awhile and wanted to share it with all the 3p-ers. Their website provides access to all current CSR/Sustainablity reports, and an archive of all reports published since 1990. It’s the world’s most comprehensive directory of corporate non-financial (environment/social/sustainability/CSR) reports. You can also sign up to … Continued

NYC Opens 100% Solar-Powered Subway Station

The MTA’s Stillwell Ave. Station in Brooklyn will be completely solar powered. Hailed as one of the most environmentally responsible mass transportation sites built in the U.S, a 76,000-square foot state-of-the-art solar roof, manufactured by RWE SCHOTT Solar, is expected to contribute approximately 250,000 kilowatt hours a year to the subway station’s non-traction power needs. … Continued

Alcan Inc. Wins The 2005 Globe Award for Environmental Excellence

Each year The GLOBE Foundation and The Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) proudly supports the commitment of leaders of sustainably driven corporations by recognizing outstanding achievement in environmental stewardship with the GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence. Canadian mining firm Alcan Inc. has won a 2005 Globe Award for Environmental Excellence for demonstrating a commitment … Continued

ExxonMobil Investors Demand Climate Change Resolutions

Backed by over 28% of ExxonMobil’s largest shareholders (Over $80 billion in market value), including the CalPERS and CalSTRS public pension funds in California, and the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), a resolution that the company’s board of directors undertake a comprehensive review on how it will meet the greenhouse gas reductions targets in countries participating … Continued

Does US Have The Will To Develop Clean Energy?

Just found a great article from Jeffrey Immelt (GE CEO) and Jonathan Lash (WRI) from Saturday May 21st’s Washington Post. They say our (US’s) primary objective must be to revolutionize the way we produce and consume energy and that fundamental change will require three things: 1) The brainpower to develop new technology 2) A market … Continued

What Motivates the Gen Y Work Force?…Not Money

According to a survey of 600+ young adults aged 18-24 from Lichtman/Zogby International, young people coming into the workforce overwhelmingly value honesty and integrity, with 92% saying they believe that doing the “right thing” is more important than getting ahead in their career. These young workers place loyalty to friends, and love above honesty in … Continued

Unilever is “Listening, Learning, Making Progress”

Unilever, one of the world’s largest consumer products companies, has just come out with a fantastic new Social & Environmental (CSR) Report that raises the bar even higher. Check out the Unilever website for all the details. Highlights include: greater transparancy within their supply chain, a new business partner code of conduct, coming clean on … Continued

Fair Labor Association Promotes Social Accountability

The Fair Labor Association (www.fairlabor.org) is an NGO that accredits companies who add greater transparancy to their supply chains and has all their factories audited to the FLA’s code of conduct. The FLA Workplace Code of Conduct specifies compliance with forced labor, child labor, harassment, abuse, nondiscrimination, health and safety, freedom of association and collective … Continued

CO Teen Creates a Car Powered Only By Water

A sophomore at a Cortez, Colorado high school has created a model car powered by hydrogen. The football-size car runs on distilled water. A solar panel provides energy to begin the reaction that splits hydrogen from water, so it can drive around and create hydrogen at the same time. As a result, the fuel source … Continued

Consumer Reports Adds Environmental Impact

Consumer watchdog magazine Consumer Reports has launched a web site dedicated to the environmental impact of consumer products, called Greener Choices. It provides health and environmental information (including an energy efficiency rating) on cars, food, garden products, consumer electronics and home appliances. An online survey of 1,200 adults found 70 percent are willing to pay … Continued