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Warby Parker: An Eyeglass Company with an Inspiring Vision

Last Friday I had an experience many of you may share: wandering around the optical shop after an eye exam, eyes blurry and cartoonishly dilated, looking at potential glasses for the first time. Though I could barely see, I saw something was extremely off: the prices of the glasses themselves. A basic level pair was … Continued

The Next Web Gold Rush: US Crowdfunding Sites?

With the recent passing of the JOBS Act into law, crowdfunding that allows people to be actual investors in and gain financial rewards from companies as participants is set to become legal in the US. As the SEC irons out the details in the next 9 months, several would be crowdfunding sites are planting their stakes.

Project Repat Reinvents Your Old Garments, Pays Fair Wages in US

We all have old, well loved garments that never get worn anymore. Project Repat now offers an option to reinvigorate them via custom bags, ties, and more, made based on what you send in. It’s made domestically via a worker owned shop that pays fair wages, focusing on organic and local sourcing.

Zero Gachis Mobile App Solves Expired Supermarket Produce Problem

Expired food at supermarkets is a huge source of waste. Zero Gachis is an app that would allow merchants to set discounted prices on soon to expire product, that nearby app users would be alerted of, and in the process, accumulate points that will equal cash donations to area food banks.

TinyLightBulbs Shines a Light on Crowdfunded Products

Crowdfunding via sites like Kickstarter has proven both popular and a viable way to get new products created. But what happens when the lights go down on the fundraiser campaign? TinyLightBulbs aims to be a hub to sell such products

KeyWifi Opens the Door to Peer-To-Peer Wifi Rental

Wifi, like cars, has an enormous untapped capacity that until recently had no viable way to be shared with others. KeyWifi is readying to launch a web based service that will allow people to safely share and rent their excess capacity to others. The implications are tremendous.

Slow Shipping Sails Into Existence: Why Businesses Should Care

The global impact of boat based shipping is enormous, and largely unknown to the public. The New Dawn Traders are now on the maiden voyage of what they hope will be a burgeoning Slow Shipping movement: Using sail based or alternatively powered ships to move the worlds commercial cargo.

Forget Recycling: Here Comes Edible Packaging

Food packaging is a major contributor to the waste stream, and emerging edible packaging pioneers Monosol and WikiCells aim to eliminate this. But there are concerns to overcome…

Finally, a Personal Solar Charger for the Masses

While there have been 100s of solar powered mobile device chargers put out on the market, Charger’s new system has done what’s needed to happen all along: Allow your device to be charged at your convenience, rather then when you happen to be out in the sun. Add competitive and social aspects, along with tangible real world rewards, and this has potential for huge impact.

AbleBanking: A New Bank the Big Ones Shouldn’t Ignore

Did you know Bank of America donated around $200 million last year to charitable causes? It sounds impressive, until you find out that that’s 0.02% of deposits. With all the consumer uproar around banks adding new fees, and the huge success Bank Transfer Day had getting people to move their money to a local credit … Continued

Considering Being a Benefit Corporation? A New Site Clears the Path

Over the past year, the reputation of corporations has been dragged through the mud, with the global Occupy movement casting a skeptical, antagonistic view of such entities, and rightly so, in many cases. But quietly, a new, broader world-benefitting form of corporation has been emerging during the past several years – the B Corp, and more recently, Benefit … Continued

Kickstarter-Style Crowdfunding for Local Businesses

2011 was the year that crowdfunding came of age, with Kickstarter leading the way, along with IndieGoGo and others, presenting an appealing idea: support an innovative new product, service, creative project, or cause, and in return get a reward depending on your level of money pledged. Though the models vary, they each provide effective incentive … Continued