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BizBox: A Solar Powered Mobile Pop Up Shop

The term “pop up shop” has become common currency these days, but it hasn’t generally meant a store that actually pops up. Until now, that is. BizBox is as its name says: A business space in a box. This self contained, towable, solar powered space can be brought to its destination by your average consumer … Continued

Yellow Leaf Hammocks: A Powerful Example of Social Enterprise Done Well

While yellow leaves to most of us signify the changing of the seasons, to the Mlabri hill tribe of Thailand they mean a complete change in their lives. Yellow Leaf Hammocks are a vehicle to change their health, environment, and financial independence. These resilient people were able to create their own livelihood via these high … Continued

3 Big Steps Toward Mass Use of Bicycles

Bicycling has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity, support, and accessibility these days, worldwide. To be sure part of this can be credited to the faltering global economy. In the US, there’s also been a willingness on the part of both federal and state government (questionably motivated Republican threats aside) to make an investment in … Continued

Is This the Wind Power Solution That Answers All the Critics?

Wind power, on paper, sounds like a good idea. No emissions generated. High potential for energy generation, when optimally located. No dependence on foreign oil. And yet, wind power often gets hit with a number of doubts and concerns: first, theres the fact that the wind does not always blow. Will it be a source … Continued

Two Square Meter: Skin Nourishing Eco Friendly Clothing? Yes.

In a time where organic clothing has expanded far beyond hippie boutiques and shoppers in Target don’t bat an eye at seeing it offered there, it is not a big leap to consider that clothing may one day actually be good for you. Two Square Meter has done just that, with a line of clothing … Continued

An EPiC Green Food Processing Incubator Opens In Oregon

With the clearly entrenched trend of green, organic, locally sourced food making inroads even in the largest of chain stores, the impact is clear. And yet, there’s a missing piece to this: Where the food is actually made. Food processing facilities are often quite energy intensive, and for food businesses entering the market, it can … Continued

Panam Shows How to Smartly Re-Launch a Dead Brand

In this turbulent global economy, sometimes the best path forward is looking backward – to brands that have been well loved in the past. They clearly had people’s attention at one point, and there’s potentially less legwork needed to resurrect them vs. starting from scratch, attempting to grab mind and heartshare among the harried masses. … Continued

SunTracker: Leveraging GPS to Radically Optimize Daylighting

In recent years, much has been made of the energy savings and emissions reduction associated with switching to CFLs. What if every moment the sun was out you could go completely without electric lighting? Daylighting is an often touted solution. In my case, having skylights in our office meant hiding from it as the sun … Continued

Two Emerging Models of Consumer Owned Utilities

For all the talk of emerging renewable energy technology, there has thus far been precious little movement in most of the world in terms of people getting their power directly from renewable energy sources. Options like PGE’s Green Source, and Bullfrog Power are good, but they are both indirect routes to greater renewable energy inclusion. Energy … Continued

How Can Suburbs Join The Bicycling Boom?

It’s finally happening. Circumstances, public opinion and political will have aligned to create massive increases in biking infrastructure and bike sharing across the world. Bike businesses are seeing massive, sustained increases in demand, despite the troubled economic times. I must admit that with all the rosy reporting on global bike sharing companies and city schemes, I’ve … Continued

Dead Refrigerators Come Back To Life as Movie Theater in London

Recycling is not the most exciting topic. Gather your cans and newspapers, take them to the curb once a week. End of story, right? Beyond the occasional thought of e-cycling when we retire old gear, and the grade school upcycling buzz of TerraCycle, recycling’s not a front of mind consideration for most people. This summer … Continued

PR: Evil Tool of Manipulation or Powerful Ally in Greening The World?

PR. Two letters that can spark a volatile emotional reaction in many people. And judging from a recent article in the Guardian detailing its psychologically manipulative roots in Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, they can’t be blamed. Bernays first used public relations during World War I to sell the idea that the purpose of the … Continued

AHA!: A Best Case Example of Sustainable Storytelling

In the past year or so, there’s been a lot of buzz about the power of storytelling for businesses. Sometimes it feels more like excitement around talking about it than actually doing it. A recent piece here had the intriguing suggestion that when it comes to telling your sustainability story, the messier the better. In a … Continued

Effective Social Media for Sustainable Businesses

As a blogger and social media focused PR person for numerous companies, I spend a lot of my time swimming in the tweets, statuses, shares, +1s and thumbs. I’ve a low tolerance for social media used poorly. There are plenty of examples out there, and it’s clear that a lot of companies are simply trying … Continued