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Pressed Juicery: Hitting the Green Price Ceiling?

I’m having a deja vu moment here: Back in 2000, Kozmo was one of the earnest dot-com hopefuls. The company would deliver all manner of things to your door, from DVDs to magazines. At no extra cost. I recall ordering, often, a single Odwalla juice, partly out of the novelty of being able to do … Continued

Catalytic Clothing: Mobile Air Pollution Fighter?

In the past 5-7 years, the idea of green living and taking personal responsibility for the health of the environment at large, has gotten a lot of play. If you were to judge by the amount of media coverage and appearances in television, film, etc, it would seem a huge number of people are shifting … Continued

E Cube: The Perfect Marriage of DIY & Affordable Passive House Design?

Something impressive is developing on the green building front in Belgium. And it has nothing to do with LEED or some grandiose skyscraper. It’s a home that does much more than house people. It will enable more people to own their own homes, while increasing their self reliance, and reducing the impact they and their … Continued

How Can People Be Effectively Persuaded to Conserve Water?

Water. In most modern societies, residents don’t have to worry about where their supply comes from or if it may run out. But as recent extended droughts in Texas and other places have shown, we cannot afford to continue passing the buck to others when it comes to responsible water use. But how, in a … Continued

Your Food is Local. What About Your Clothing?

In recent years, the concept of buying and sourcing locally has caught on with the broader public, especially in the food sector, where concepts like the 100 mile diet have garnered traction and interest. But what about clothing? The T-shirt on your back is likely close to earning a free trip judging by the distance … Continued

The Sustainable, Durable Solution to Bike Helmet Safety: Cardboard?!

Bicycling is an inherently sustainable form of transportation: No emissions, minimal materials required to make the vehicle, increased rider fitness, decreased auto traffic. And yet there’s a weak link in this chain: The helmet. Modern day helmets are single use, and unrecyclable when done. In other words, one crash and it’s in the trash. And … Continued

DeveloperTown Creating Innovative Business Ecosystem

A new kind of work environment is emerging in Indianapolis. Rather then fitting a business into an existing office building, or using energy and resources to remodel a building, or even a coworking space, a hybrid of the best aspects of all of those is being created by DeveloperTown. And it’s on wheels. What began … Continued

Farmigo: Removing The Pain of Running a CSA

We are right in the middle of prime growing season for farms in the northern hemisphere. For an increasing number of people, that means signing up to get produce directly from farmers via CSAs. On paper, it sounds like a good thing: Consumers get fresh, local produce, often exactly what they specify. It’s typically organic. … Continued

Project Aura: Lighting the Way to An Upsurge in Bike Commuters?

I have the good fortune of living in Portland, Oregon, where I bike commute daily. In a recent article it was reported that a former car dealership is soon opening as a 10,000 square foot bike shop and that other bike shops in town are expanding. A sign of the times or something Portland specific? … Continued

Casey Container: Plastic Bottles That Are Both Recyclable and Biodegradable?

Plastics from single serving water bottles, or grocery bags accumulating in the world’s oceans have long been in the spotlight as eco villians. Initially, biodegradable and compostable plant material based bottles seemed to be the cure for this convenience quandary. But beyond the simple math of eliminating petroleum as source material, there’s a problem: Most … Continued

MyFarm: Farmville Meets Real Farming

Farmville has managed the seemingly impossible: Gotten millions of people around the world obsessed with and deeply involved in farming, albeit in a virtual world. Now it’s time to do the impossible again: Translate that enthusiasm into real world results, letting 10,000 people manage a farm in the UK. MyFarm is a project of the … Continued

The Next Frontier of Urban Gardening: Your Bottle Top?

With the fast rise in gas and food prices, more people are likely beginning to investigate other, cheaper, closer to home options to get their food needs met. Some of them hopefully not involving fast food! For some, that may mean trying out the increasing number of farmer’s markets. Others it may mean gardening, whether … Continued

Clif Bar Makes Wine? Yes, and It’s All Terrain

What happens when you put Clif Bar’s sensibilities into wine? You get The Climber from Clif Family Winery, which they refer to as “All Terrain Wine Transport.” More than an attention getting bit of trivia to share at parties, The Climber is being touted as the more ecological option to bringing glass bottle wine while … Continued

Seventh Generation’s New Packaging Misses the Mark: What Needs to Be Done

I had an intriguing collision with reality this week. Ecologic, a company whose early test products I covered in early 2010, sent me a bottle of Seventh Generation laundry detergent, so I could see first hand what new style, resource efficient, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable packaging looks like in person. I have to say, I was … Continued

Enerkem Localizes Fuel Production Using Landfill Trash

Gas prices are again spiking, which is why it may be the perfect time to look in your trash can. Come again? Yes, what was a joke in Back To The Future is now coming true: Enerkem has perfected taking Municipal Solid Waste (aka landfill trash), along with agricultural and forest product residues, and turning … Continued