Ryan Mickle is one of the partners and pundits behind 3p. He is a consultant, speaker, and passionate advocate for transparency, values-driven business, and empowering "consumers" to become evangelists in our new, decentralized media landscape. Ryan holds a BA in Economics from Berkeley, and he loves traveling, running marathons (love may be too strong a word), yoga, and contributing to the gross national happiness (GNH) in business and otherwise.

Finalists Announced for GreenBeat 2010 Innovation Competition

VentureBeat just announced the finalists for their GreenBeat 2010 Innovation Competition, its second annual event showcasing the freshest ideas and most promising business models involving smart grid technologies. The finalists will be presenting at the GreenBeat 2010 Conference, to be held at Stanford University on November 3rd & 4th [Ed note: 3p readers get 30% off, … Continued

ReadyForZero Launches Assault on Credit Card Debt

We don’t normally write about traditional tech companies such as those that launch out of Y Combinator, a seed stage accelerator program that funds and helps entrepreneurs launch web companies. But one recent Y Combinator (YC) company showed up on our radar and there is a great story behind it that can’t be found on … Continued

Bag Monsters Take Over San Francisco to Support Plastic Bag Ban

This weekend, ChicoBag kicked off its nationwide Bag Monster tour in San Francisco. The goal: bring an to end to single use plastic waste. A Bag Monster, an invention as crafty as ChicoBag’s patented product itself, is a costume made of 500 plastic bags, the number an average American uses yearly. With many companies and … Continued

Local is Not What You Think

Local is not about buying the same stuff at higher prices from a local vendor. Local is about happiness. I believe that the concept of Local is not well communicated. When people suggest that we “buy local,” it comes off as preachy and turns many of us off. How many times have you gone into a … Continued

Starbucks Shareholders Vote Down Recycling, Company Resists Cooperation

Starbucks, a company not new to environmental criticism, was recently faced with a seemingly modest proposal by a Starbucks shareholder to consider a more aggressive strategy and set of goals for recycling the materials that are consumed within and leave their doors. The measure was voted down after the Board of Directors advised shareholders to … Continued

Warrior Film-making: The Story of Free Range Studios

I recently visited Free Range Studios to meet with its talented co-founder Jonah Sachs in Berkeley, California, to talk about his startup story. Free Range began 10 years ago as two guys, one laptop, one apartment, and enough creativity and change-the-world-or-bust aspirations to eventually challenge agribusiness, and our consumer lifestyle, with The Story of Stuff, … Continued

Thanks to Triple Pundit’s Sponsors

We’re lucky to have some really great sponsors here at 3p. In the case of the many organizations and companies we work with, we’d choose to support regardless of the nature of our relationship. By sponsoring, these organizations invest in our ability to continue to publish great content and continue to build the 3p movement. … Continued

Age of Stupid: Environmentalism Is Alive and Well

Editor’s Note: This post was published on the Huffington Post earlier today. On Monday night, I participated in the world’s largest movie premier, for a documentary. The film, called the Age of Stupid has been hailed as the future of film, and criticized by 3p’s own Nick Aster for its depressing take on the state … Continued

Thank You Readers, Environmental Defense Fund, and Greener World Media

As you likely noticed, the 3p team has been hard at work to provide the people who have made what started as a little side project the conversation-starting site that it is today. We’d like to thank you, our readers for being part of the movement in support of integrating people, planet, and profit in … Continued

Should In-N-Out Burger Dump Its Trash Cans?

I find absolutely no shame in admitting that I love In-N-Out Burger. And I should add that I’m on my second year as a vegetarian… I get the grilled cheese, one of many off menu options. The 60 year old, privately owned In-N-Out has long celebrated its freezer-less approach to serving its food fresher than … Continued

Triple Pundit Acquires News Corporation

In a surprise but carefully planned move, Triple Pundit LLC has acquired News Corporation in a deal backed personally by Warren Buffett. News Corporation, one of the world’s largest media conglomerates, is comprised of Fox News, 20th Century Fox, MySpace, and the recently acquired Wall Street Journal. According to 3p Founder, Nick Aster, who met … Continued

Twitter for T-shirts: Procter & Gamble Tests Social Media with Tide Loads of Hope

Consumer brands heavyweight Procter & Gamble is done sitting on the social media sidelines. Recent rumors have revealed the company has determined that social media is the future of marketing. This isn’t surprising, with the great success and evangelism-charged growth of smaller, values-driven companies such as Seventh Generation. Fast-growing Seventh Generation is now also distributing … Continued

Sustainable Brands International Streaming Live from Miami

Nick and I are currently in Miami attending the Sustainable Brands International conference. Check it out via live streaming video below, the next best thing to actually being here in the just-opened, uber swanky, W Hotel on steroids, Fontainebleau Resort Miami Beach. Check out the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday and join the discussions online, … Continued