Ryan Mickle is one of the partners and pundits behind 3p. He is a consultant, speaker, and passionate advocate for transparency, values-driven business, and empowering "consumers" to become evangelists in our new, decentralized media landscape. Ryan holds a BA in Economics from Berkeley, and he loves traveling, running marathons (love may be too strong a word), yoga, and contributing to the gross national happiness (GNH) in business and otherwise.

Only One $25,000 Green X PRIZE Contest Finalist Addresses Climate Change

The X PRIZE Foundation, well known for its $10 million Ansari X PRIZE for building and launching a spacecraft to push the limits of space travel, is aiming to take on energy and the environment next through it’s “Crazy Green Idea” Contest. Rather than designing the contest in a vacuum, the foundation has decided to … Continued

Sun Puts the Social in Social Responsibility

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve long criticized corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting. Despite the stakeholders’ seemingly insatiable thirst for information about the social and environmental impacts of companies, CSR reports read like infomercials, report outdated data, and no one is reading. This is a topic that I’ve learned perhaps too much about through … Continued

Follow the Sold Out Social Capital Markets 2008 Conference in Real Time

We sent a handful of 3p’s best (yes, they’re all the best) to cram themselves in the underventilated, far above capacity rooms that are home to the first annual Social Capital Markets 2008 Conference. This way, you get to pretend you’re there without leaving your office (or pajamas, if that is how you roll). As … Continued

Schwarzenegger on Global Warming: “Washington is Asleep at the Wheel”

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took the stage today in San Francisco at a Commonwealth Club event to celebrate the state’s success in its global warming fighting leadership. If it wasn’t obvious that the bodybuilder-turned-superstar actor-turned-governor wasn’t the typical politician, it was as he was received with a standing ovation as a Republican in one of … Continued

Is IBM Greenwashing the US Open?

IBM made a respectable but surprising move when it sold off its PC hardware business in 2004 to focus on higher margin services such as consulting. In July, the information technology company even added corporate social responsibility (CSR) to its consulting services lineup. Yet, for a company that is endeavoring to help its clients understand … Continued

New Apple iPhone 3G to arrive in Green Packaging

It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s just as beautiful, and now it’s greener–at least its packaging is. Apple, the same company that got bruised in its fistfight with Greenpeace last year, literally just announced that its new iPhone 3G, in all of the glory of its already unprecedented demand, will arrive next Friday outfitted in green … Continued

Icerocks: Hermetically packaged ice cubes. This must be a joke.

As many consumers continue to question the impact of their bottled water guilty pleasures, somehow a company called the Water Bank of America is producing packaged water, “made from spring water drawn from the Vend√©e Region of France in the Massif Central.” Check out their website, complete with pictures of b-list celebrities and Ferraris, an … Continued

Dole’s Visit the Farm: Friend Your Ecuadorian Banana Farmer on Facebook, Almost

Over the past couple days, executives from many of the world’s largest companies converged with those of companies like Seventh Generation, New Belgium, and KEEN in Monterey for the Sustainable Brands 2008 in Monterey, California. Stories were traded by companies of all sizes and stages in their sustainability journeys about the shift in business landscape … Continued

Air Travel Emissions Worse Than Predicted

According to Wired, “forget everything you’ve heard about airlines and CO2 emissions. The news is much worse than anyone thought.” Recently disclosed reports are now revealing that air travel is resulting in 20% more CO2 emissions than previously predicted. How much? Try 1.5 billion tons of it’s gettin’ hot in here carbon dioxide a year, … Continued

General Motors’ Quest to Become “Green Motors”

On Thursday, Rick Wagoner, Chairman and CEO of General Motors came to San Francisco to speak about the future of the company and “green” auto technology. It’s fascinating to think that not long ago, General Motors was a company beloved by most Americans, a symbol of the innovation, spirit, and the pleasant lifestyle typical of … Continued

Beyond Green: Adam Werbach and BLUE, Sustainability or Self Help?

After four years of heads down work to find answers where it appeared that only questions existed, Adam Werbach followed up his highly controversial 2004 speech, “Is Environmentalism Dead?” just over a week ago at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. The speech, titled “The Birth of Blue,” was frustratingly brilliant, asserting that the answer … Continued