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The 21st century will overturn many of our previously-held assumptions about civilization. The challenges and opportunities land development stakeholders now face – to fulfill the needs of society and achieve a favorable return on investment without harming the environment – have vast implications on the sustainability of our communities around the world.

SLDI - Sustainable Land Development Initiative is a stakeholder social media association now positioned to help transform the industry that creates the very infrastructure of our civilization. SLDI is dedicated to delivering sustainable land development technology and knowledge resources to promote and enable fully integrated sustainable land development worldwide.

How do we develop a sustainable civilization?
By delivering the "holy grail of sustainable decision making" - a universal geometrical algorithm that balances the needs of people, planet and profit - The SLDI Code™
The World’s First Sustainable Development Decision Model is symbolized as a geometrical algorithm that balances and integrates the triple-bottom line needs of people, planet and profit into a holistic, fractal model that becomes increasingly detailed, guiding effective decisions throughout the community planning, financing, design, regulating, construction and maintenance processes while always enabling project context to drive specific decisions.

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SLDI Co-founders:
Terry Mock
Tony Wernke

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SLDI Foundational Primer

The following sequence of articles provides an introduction to the SLDI perspective. 1. Breaking New Ground: How George Washington’s Land Development Ideas Shaped Sustainability The idea of starting “a New American Revolution for Sustainability” was born in 2005 in Washington D.C. as industry experts attended a national conference where keynote speaker William McDonough used his bully … Continued

Sustainable Hope and Help amid a Sea of Despair and Demands

Amid all the bad news and demands being placed on the President-elect Obama transition team this holiday season, Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) offers a reason to hope for the future by formally submitting its offer of assistance to help boost the team’s economic recovery plan and policy agenda – and save the country billions … Continued

Building a Bridge to a New Global Culture

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev As the first year of SLDI publication of this magazine draws to a close, I want to take a look back at where the sustainable land development movement has come from, along with offering a new prediction of where we go from here. In the summer of … Continued

The Flooding Solution is in the Land

By James Patchett Major flood events can be traced to land-use practices, including modern agricultural methods. The occurrence of flood events such as those that have ravaged the Midwest—most notably the two, 500-year floods in 1993 and 2008—were not “natural” disasters, as some contend. These, as well as other cases of chronic flooding can be … Continued

Seeing Through the Cycles

By Tony Wernke Follow Tony on Twitter: @Sustainable4U People, planet and profit are all suffering these days, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Like never before, the land development industry is rife with uncertainty. Professionals are being hit hard from all sides. The economic downturn is creating challenges to just about everyone’s … Continued

A Strategic Plan For Sustainable Land Development

A holistic strategic perspective enables the greatest results within each of the specialized areas of land development. As such, the following foundational objectives buoy all three legs of sustainable land development. Create a sustainable development industry-dominant brand; Implement sustainable development certification programs for individuals and projects; Integrate aesthetic values with scientific facts to maximize the … Continued

Sustainable Land Development Defined

When the term “sustainable” is mentioned, people are often unsure of its context and/or skeptical of the motivation behind its use. Having been primarily used in an environmental context, Wikipedia defines sustainability as, “a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely. The term, in its environmental usage, … Continued

Collaborative Innovation is the Answer

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev January 31, 2008 The cover on Newsweek magazine this week is titled “The Road to Recession.” This title signals what many land developers have known for some time – an unavoidable recession has already started. The economic news coming out of the annual World Economic Forum, which … Continued

Wecome to SLDI

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev January 2008 The formation of the first land development industry organization focused on sustainability was announced during the recent Land Development Breakthroughs Leadership Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) is an industry-led, cooperatively-owned organization of stakeholders joining together for a common purpose: to promote land … Continued

Sustainability = Higher Value

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev February 28, 2008 The concept that land development projects which meet standards of sustainability should have a higher value than ones that do not is an idea that has been discussed for some time now. Evidence that the talk is turning into action is beginning to surface … Continued

Meet the Needs of the New Generation

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev April 2, 2008 In cities around the world, leaders are realizing that their economic futures hinge, not so much on luring new companies to town or on economic development strategies of the past, but on their ability to engage the next generation of professionals. As described in … Continued

Haiti & Deepening Perspectives on Sustainable Land Development

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev January 2010 As we started to publish this issue, Haiti was devastated by yet another catastrophic event that literally drives the inevitable outcome of unsustainable land development into the ground. Beyond the immediate relief efforts, perhaps now is the time to seriously consider restoring a sustainable Haiti. … Continued

Will Abu Dhabi Help Create a Sustainable Dubai?

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev December 2009 As editorialized here in a previous column, if ever there was an urban area anywhere on Earth that epitomized the excesses of the boom years between 2002 and 2007, it has to be Dubai. A sign that this large-scale land development extravaganza was veering to … Continued

Show Me the Money

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev November 2009 When Freshwater Tissue Company acquired an old shuttered pulp mill in northern California and announced intentions to convert the facility into an integrated tissue mill, producing toilet paper from sustainably managed forests and thousands of jobs by consuming by-products and disease-prone tanoak logs from the … Continued

SLDI & The Lost Symbol

By Terry Mock Follow Terry on Twitter: @SustainLandDev October 2009 Just two weeks after launch, Dan Brown’s new book, “The Lost Symbol,” is the fastest selling adult novel of all time in both hardback and eBook versions, eclipsing the initial global success of Brown’s earlier book, The Da Vinci Code, which ultimately sold over 80 … Continued