Vale is a second year MBA student at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and is interested in how for-profit businesses are finding innovative ways to create social and environmental value and how capital is being driven towards those businesses. Prior to enrolling at Fuqua she was the Deputy Director at Empowerment Group, a non-profit microenterprise development organization based in Philadelphia. This summer she interned with B Lab, auditing certified B corporations and working on the organization’s policy and capital markets initiatives. Vale has a BA in Economics and Political Science from Swarthmore College.

Scaling Impact Investing Part 2: Large Raises

While the field of impact investing started small, it has been gaining momentum in recent years.  With increased scale has come increased interest on behalf of larger institutional investors who realize the potential returns available in this space.  Initially, large raises were focused on microfinance with its proven returns.  Several companies, including Ignia, Elevar Equity, … Continued

Scaling Impact Investing Part 1: High Engagement Approaches

The conversation at this year’s Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco was “what’s next;” how do we bring impact investing into the mainstream?  During her opening keynote, Jacqueline Novogratz of Acumen Fund stated that while there have been 192 new social impact funds created in the last 3 years, impact investing is still a … Continued

Building Value Chains: How Outsourcing Can Create Social Impact Value

Businesses often outsource to cut costs.  But what about outsourcing to create value, specifically social impact value?  Better World Books, Benetech and Samasource are three innovative businesses that are doing exactly that.  The three firms spoke on a panel at SoCap 2010 to explain how the value chain came together after Good Capital, a VC … Continued

“Vision for 2050:” Multinationals Commit to a Sustainable Future

Reporting from SoCap 2010: There’s a lot of buzz in the social and environmental sector about the innovative entrepreneurs who are changing the mindset of business as purely profit-driven.  But what about the large, established multinationals of the world? Are these companies, with their massive infrastructure and wide reach, really committed to creating a sustainable … Continued

Social Impact Bonds: Creating New Impact Investment Vehicles

A great deal of impact investing takes place through traditional financing models including private equity, venture capital, and debt financing.  However, there is also a movement to develop new impact investment vehicles that capitalize on both for-profit and government funding for solving social problems.  Social Finance UK has pioneered one of these new vehicles: the … Continued

GIIRS Announces 25 Pioneer Funds at SoCap 2010

Quoting Nike CEO Phil Knight at his afternoon keynote at SoCap 2010, Jay Coen Gilbert says: “No one gets excited about a product.  They get excited about a brand.”  It is for this reason that GIIRS, the Global Impact Investment Ratings System, is creating a brand: a new asset class of impact investing.  Created by … Continued

SoCap 2010 Explores Next Steps in Impact Investing

The term “impact investing” has been making the rounds in recent months.  Just last week the Clinton Global Initiative announced the launch of Global Impact 50, an index of the top 50 impact investment fund managers delivering financial returns while creating social and environmental value.  It is estimated that the potential market for impact investing … Continued