What a Waste! PepsiCo Cuts Trash-to-Landfill by 88 Percent

Snack food giant PepsiCo has its share of critics for what they see as its role mankind’s obesity issues, particularly in kids. But as yet Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist and Cracker Jack popcorn haven’t risen to the level of tobacco products. So let’s raise a glass of something natural and toast the news that PepsiCo … Continued

Burt’s Bees’ Multimedia CSR Report

Like a Ken Burns film on baseball or the Civil War, Burt’s Bees has decided to present its 2010 corporate social responsibility report by allowing people in the company to tell the story, rather than through a solitary voice. The North Carolina-based maker of natural personal care products is eschewing the printed page in this … Continued

New Opportunities and Conflicts for Sustainable Investors

The Boston investment firm Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management has produced a new paper called “Capital and Climate Change” arguing that climate change is creating new investment opportunities in such areas as water management, sustainable agriculture and energy. It’s a thought-provoking paper for socially responsible investors, also called sustainable investors, who are looking for new ways … Continued

Starbucks: Trying To Be The No Impact Company

In the book No Impact Man, author Colin Beavan tries to live a year in New York City without having an impact on the environment. In the first stage of his project he saves all of his trash for a week and realizes that not only is much of it packaging for take-out meals, but … Continued

Pension Funds Buy In To Sustainable Investing

Any time a new evangelist for sustainable investing emerges it is good news for investors, the environment and proponents of corporate social responsibility. It means that investors are receiving more guidance about socially responsible investing.  It means that more investment dollars are directed towards companies and mutual funds that support a green economy. And it … Continued

Wind Data Collection Becomes More Affordable for Smaller Developers

You’ve heard of solar leasing programs for energy-conscious, yet budget-constrained, consumers. Now comes a leasing program to give wind-power developers the financing flexibility they need to acquire wind-energy technology regardless of the size of their project. Second Wind, a maker of wind measurement systems for the wind power industry, has introduced a leasing program for … Continued

Second Life: Used Electric Car Batteries Might Go to the Grid

In math, multiplying two negatives equals a positive. Sometimes the same can be said for sustainability. For all of the benefits electric cars provide to the environment, disposing of their lithium-ion batteries is one of the drawbacks. Separately, it’s also no secret that the nation’s power grids are inefficient and in need of emergency power … Continued

Is “Global Climate Disruption” More Pressing than “Global Warming?”

Does the term “global climate disruption” sound like a call to action? Does it carry any more urgency than the benign “global warming?” To many conservative-leaning media outlets “global climate disruption” represents a new approach by the White House to spin the climate crisis after the climate-energy bill stalled in the Senate earlier this year. … Continued

Pepsi, Coke Report on Water Conservation

Once again Pepsi and Coke are going head-to-head only this time the outcome will be something more valuable than a better tasting soda – more efficient use of the billions of gallons of water critical to their products. The two soft-drink corporations published water stewardship reports this month detailing measures they’ve taken to conserve water, … Continued

Solo Carpoolers: Do HOV Lanes Discriminate?

As much as it might sound like an oxymoron, “solo carpoolers” are allowed to use the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane on California freeways if they drive hybrid and electric cars. But now a new law that would extend that privilege to up to 40,000 more individual motorists has prompted a debate over the value … Continued

Will Money Talk? Banks Shy from “Dirty” Projects

One of the biggest breakthroughs in the area of corporate social responsibility came when major corporations looked at their social and environmental impact beyond their own doorstep and thought about their supply chains. Major brands with global networks such as Nike, Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Walmart made positive changes in where their goods were made or … Continued

Do Energy Consumers Understand How and Why to Save?

If you looked at your house on a cloudy day and noticed the shingles on the roof were worn, you might make a mental note to replace them at some point. But if you looked up and saw a big gaping hole, you’d move much faster to cover it up before those ominous black clouds … Continued