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5 Reasons to Move Corporate Responsibility Out of the CR Department

Through the presentations at the Nov. 26 CBSR Summit in Toronto, a number of smart business arguments emerged about making sure corporate responsibility (CR) gets out of the CR (or CSR or Sustainability or ESG or … ) department and into other parts of the company.

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Putting the Brakes on Fast Fashion

Over the past decade, rapidly made garments – sold at low prices and manufactured at even lower price points – have proliferated shopping centers across the nation. In some fast fashion shops, consumers can even buy an outfit for the price of a Happy Meal.

Staples: Our Tech Recycling Stats are Still in the Dumps

We’re getting better at recycling our plastic bottles, metal cans and pre-loved clothes but we’re way off when it comes to tech recycling. Those behemoths that powered our office last millennia tend to end up where we least expect: in the landfill. Staples, Inc., which did the research has come up with a trade-in program to help solve that problem. But are today’s trade-in programs answering the call when it comes to those really old equipment that seem destined for quick and frustration-free disposal?

Patagonia Launches Black Friday Worn Wear Swap with Yerdle

Patagonia continues its Black Friday tradition of defying the consumer spirit by launching another Worn Wear event — this time in concert with the sharing economy app Yerdle. Patagonia customers can bring in their worn gear and swap it for another Worn Wear item — or swap it using Yerdle online.

Supercharge Your CSR Commitments Through Employee Engagement

As demonstrated at the Conference Board of Canada’s CSR Summit in Toronto Oct. 29-30, a number of Canada’s most successful companies are leveraging their corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments as opportunities to create fulfilling employee engagement opportunities.