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Renewables Tech Poised to Disrupt Fossil Fuels

Our modern-day Edisons have done their jobs. We are at a tipping point where technological innovations that have been in development for many years can now provide us with all the energy we need at ever decreasing costs.

Clean Cookstoves Attempt to Solve the Energy Paradox

Families on the margins face an energy paradox: Smoky, expensive energy sources strain finances and reduce wellness, leaving families less able to cope. BioLite wants to change all that with its smokeless wood-burning stove that reduces toxic emissions by 90 percent, uses half the fuel, and generates usable electricity. And a new financing model will make the product even more accessible to those who need it.

The Lifecycle Impact of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are billed as an environmentally-friendly alternative to our ordinary methods of transportation. But their impact depends heavily on where you do the charging.

Wikileaks Gets Unabashedly Political

For many critics, the once heralded site for sharing information has become a political platform for its embattled founder and his vendetta against the U.S. Democratic Party. It’s bad news for anyone who values democracy.