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Biomimicry’s Best Answers for 2018

Biomimicry is today’s go-to answer for tough engineering problems. We tip our hat to Mother Nature for new ways to treat surgical wounds, the versatility of the honey comb and a new friend who may help us reduce the number of plastic bags in landfills and ocean gyres.

Tokyo Metro Goes ‘Train to Table’ with Hydroponic Lettuce

A startup in Tokyo, Japan, is growing about 400 plants in what was previously an unused warehouse located under one of the subway system’s elevated transit lines. Tokyo Salad, a joint venture between rail operator Tokyo Metro and a development company, currently markets 11 varieties of greens – grown without soil or fertilizers.

Beyond Meat Joins the Burger Bar at TGI Fridays

Beyond Meat’s vegan burgers are now in thousands of grocery stores across the nation, a testament to their success on the grocery isle. In January, they make their debut in a major restaurant chain. What does the brand’s expansion say about the future of the iconic American hamburger? One major meat producer has already decided. This week it increased its investment in the growing success of plant-based technology.

ExxonMobil Fights State Access to Climate Change Research

ExxonMobil is fighting to keep the Massachusetts attorney general’s office from accessing millions of records relating to its 1980s research that allegedly led the company to realize its operations would lead to worsening climate change.

SPECIAL SERIES: Dreamforce 2017

Philanthropy and the Impact Revolution

Nonprofits are finding that they need to be held accountable to a different standard than what was acceptable in the past. But this change could actually open up opportunities to generate more social impact faster and with more meaning, as discussed during the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

Facebook Fight Against Fake News: Is It Working?

Facebook is about to unfurl yet another attempt to stop fake news. But can the company really ensure that the artificial intelligence behind the website’s operation can identify and prevent its spread? If the latest attempts are anything to go by, it’s got a lot more work (and expense) to go.

SPECIAL SERIES: Dreamforce 2017

How Nonprofits Harness Artificial Intelligence to Make a Better World

Artificial intelligence’s potential is limitless – from refugee assistance, to helping students at risk of not completing school, to shortening the response time for teens who are in a personal crisis. Leaders from the education and tech sectors talked about AI’s benefits during the recent Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.