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How Lenovo, the World’s Largest PC Vendor, Sets Green Standards

By Jessica Oaks It can be hard to rectify the conspicuous discrepancy between the modern “green” movement – with its philosophies of reducing, reusing and recycling – and the disposable consumer culture that has seemingly taken over the world. The average life cycle of a smartphone is shockingly short; in fact, more than 125 million … Continued

Silicon Valley City: Electric Vehicle Chargers Now Mandatory in New Homes

The City of Palo Alto in California’s Silicon Valley has set a new benchmark for U.S. housing markets: mandatory electric vehicle charging stations in every home. It’s great for the new home-owner and even better for California’s burgeoning electric vehicle market, which is about to get a further boost from new state laws that will make it easier to find charging stations throughout the state.

Cherry Tree Inspiration Wins Start-Up $4 Million Energy Grant

The cherry tree is a standout example of eco-effective manufacturing in nature, so it’s little wonder that the company LanzaTech has adopted it as a symbol for its carbon capture technology. LanzaTech has developed a system for harnessing the power of living organisms to convert waste gas into useful fuels, a technology that could play … Continued

Is Divestment from Fossil Fuels a Sound Financial Play?

Divestment from fossil fuels makes a strong political statement, but the markets are not always the right place to make such a bold case. In current economic times, however, portfolios can benefit from such a move while advancing the health of our environment.

Abengoa Secures Financing to Complete Europe’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Complex

At 100 MW and producing at half-planned capacity — enough to supply some 104,000 households — Abengoa secured financing to complete the Extremadura Solar Complex, good news for Spain’s beleaguered solar and renewable energy industry. Set to be the largest concentrating solar power facility in Europe, the CSP facility in Extremadura will help Spain avoid carbon emissions and meet EU renewable energy targets.

Sweden, Sustainability and the Future

Sweden is a sustainability and renewable energy pioneer, far out in front of most other countries, but countries are now looking to follow its example.

Energy Efficiency Drive Yields $1 Billion Savings for U.S. Manufacturers

Reduced energy consumption and greater energy efficiency across more than 120 U.S. manufacturing businesses and over 1,750 plants have resulted in some $1 billion in savings and avoided the equivalent of about 11 million metric tons (MT) of CO2 emissions, according to the Department of Energy (DOE), which is spearheading President Obama’s “Better Buildings, Better Plants” energy efficiency drive.

Finalists Announced for Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge

The Cradle to Cradle Challenge is focused on building materials that are safe, made from readily available materials, and affordable. Even more important, the manufacturers have all provided detailed information about the materials in their products to prove that they are safe.