This category is climate change in relation to sustainability and CSR and how these segments effect one another. This includes how climate change has started to cause a wide range of physical effects with serious implications for investors and businesses, and how the business sector discloses climate risks and manage them.

Decarbonization Beyond Paris and Marrakech

Beyond analysis of Paris scenarios, it is worth looking at some of the core drivers behind decarbonization beyond high-level policy or regulation, says EOS Climate CEO Joe Madden.

Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky: Coal Jobs May Not Come Back

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated this week, coal companies, including those in his home state of Kentucky, should not start spending their coal paychecks. Even Trump’s promises can’t turn coal back into a thriving energy source.

Fossil Fuel Companies Enjoy Unprecedented Access to Climate Talks

Fossil fuel companies are walking the floors and attending key meetings at COP22 through accredited trade associations. The conflict of interest is obvious, given that some fossil fuels will need to stay in the ground in order to meet the aggressive commitment made in Paris at COP21.

What We Expect: Climate Impacts from a Trump Administration

Donald Trump’s election comes at a time where the world needs more engagement in climate policy, not less. Here are some impacts we expect to see, along with the efforts we’ll need to see from the business and financial sector to counter-balance the expected scaling back of U.S. engagement.

Top Cities for Sustainability Jobs

Where are sustainability jobs located? Ben Bira takes a quick look to see which are the top cities for sustainability jobs.

Jellyfish, a Sustainable Source for Paper Towels and Diapers?

Cine’al, a start-up based in Tel Aviv, believes it has found a use for the jellyfish that suddenly wash ashore in massive numbers. The company dries jellyfish, turns them into a mash and then manufactures a range of products from diapers to bandages out of the material.

Setting Science-Based Targets for Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

Short-lived climate pollutants, such as black carbon, ozone, methane and hydrofluorocarbons, have relatively short lifetimes in the atmosphere — which means they are crucial in the fight to slow global warming. They also happen to be straightforward emissions to target.

Renewables Tech Poised to Disrupt Fossil Fuels

Our modern-day Edisons have done their jobs. We are at a tipping point where technological innovations that have been in development for many years can now provide us with all the energy we need at ever decreasing costs.