Organic Farming Gets a Boost from Kashi’s Innovative Certification Program

Kashi’s latest cereal ventures into new ground for the company: In an attempt to increase the number of organic farmers in its supply chain, the company says, it’s developed a new certified line of products: transitional organic. But will it whet the taste buds of conventional organic consumers? What it does do, is significantly up the potential for more organic production in the future.

The 3 Disruptors Reshaping the Food Industry

Pea protein isolates and recombinant proteins were once unheard of. Now they are part of a booming industry. Food disruptors are vying for a lucrative part of the vegan food, while restaurants are standing by.

Powerful Food Lobby Loses Big Members Over Shifting Consumer Concerns

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, a powerful food lobby, is feeling the pinch of consumer advocacy as some of its biggest members, including Campbell Soup Co., Nestle and Mars head for the door, taking billions of dollars of advertising strength with them.

California Passes First Cleaning Product Chemical Disclosure Law in U.S.

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law Senate Bill No. 258, otherwise known as the Cleaning Products Right to Know Act. The law’s authors say its overarching goal is to give consumers the information they need so they can make informed purchasing decisions while reducing any impacts these products could have on public health.

Excessive Vitamin Supplements Can Cause Cancer, Study Shows

Millions of Americans take vitamin supplements to improve their health. But a new study study suggests that in some cases, too much of a good thing can yield the opposite result. The findings of an ongoing long-term, large study begs the question whether it’s time to ensure there’s more regulation of vitamin and mineral supplement dosages.

FDA Delays Nutrition Label Sugar Upgrade, Despite Go-Ahead from Manufacturers

The Trump administration has put a hold on the new nutrition labels that would have made it easier for consumers to tell how much added sugar was in their processed foods. And the Union of Concerned Scientists, which had a role in crafting new dietary guidelines and the new label, has vowed to fight the delay.