China Cuts the Ribbon at its First Solar Highway

A new solar road in China will serve as a test bed to evaluate new solar technologies, with an overarching goal to reduce the amount of land needed for solar farms and transmission wires. But does its cost justify the investment?

China Launches World’s Largest Carbon Market

China’s new carbon market, announced earlier this month, is expected to manage over 3 billion tons of carbon, which would make it at least 50 percent larger than the European Union’s cap-and-trade system.

Coal Divestment isn’t Enough, Says CarbonTracker

Staying below the 2-degree C. threshold won’t be possible as long as coal has a role in energy production, says the nonprofit CarbonTracker. Its latest report examines the European Union, which has been in the past a leader of energy reform. Simply regulating coal energy production to encourage divestment in the EU won’t force the shift as long opportunistic investors can buy up distressed coal operations and don’t have an imperative to join the switch to clean energy.

Addressing the Cost of Home Heating for Working Families

Nearly a fifth of American wage earners face a real struggle paying their home heating bills. Fortunately, there are programs in place in every state to help. But are they enough? Researchers say low-income heating energy assistance is vital, but it’s only part of the answer: more needs to be done to ensure the country’s working families have access to energy efficient homes and services, too.