Biodynamics: Where Regenerative Agriculture Meets Regenerative Capital

With its emphasis on approaching the farm as an integrated living organism and the farmer as a deeply knowledgeable orchestrator, biodynamics is a natural path to regenerative agriculture—a real corrective to the negative effects of our dominant food system. Realizing the potential of biodynamics, however, will require an investment strategy that is also regenerative.

Coca-Cola Launches One-for-One Global Recycling Plan

Coca-Cola is attempting to harness enthusiasm for improving its waste diversion record by announcing a one-for-one recycling plan. According to the company, Coca-Cola aims to recycle one bottle or can for every single one that it sells by 2030.

Fish Pain: Latest Animal Welfare Cause

The growing sense of awareness about how we treat the animals we eat has overlooked fish, but more research keeps confirming that yes, fish do feel pain.

The 3 Disruptors Reshaping the Food Industry

Pea protein isolates and recombinant proteins were once unheard of. Now they are part of a booming industry. Food disruptors are vying for a lucrative part of the vegan food, while restaurants are standing by.