A Gift Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

This list includes top picks for impressing the socially conscious entrepreneurs in your life with gifts that serve a higher purpose: transforming business into a force for good.

The Economist’s Food Sustainability Index Has a Huge Surprise

France has been judged as having the globe’s most sustainable food supply in The Economist Intelligence Unit’s food sustainability report. The survey’s real story, however, is that Ethiopia, the poorest country researchers evaluated, came out as twelfth in this report.

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Shop Local? Why Healthy Soil Matters

Every year on December 5 we observe World Soil Day (WSD), a day meant to raise awareness about the importance of healthy soil as well as a day to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. At its essence, this day celebrates the life-giving power of food.

Coming to Your Thanksgiving Table: Traceability for Turkey

Honeysuckle White, a brand of turkeys owned by Cargill, has announced that some shoppers in Texas will be able to trace the origins of their holiday birds. This boost in traceability could nudge other meat producers to start doing the same.