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Planting Trees Has Become a Big Business

A report issued by the World Resources Institute and The Nature Conservancy suggests that the planting of trees can accomplish far more than a good deed; in fact, restoring forests has the potential to scale and become a booming business.

ExxonMobil Plans to Sue Climate-Impacted Communities

ExxonMobil has petitioned a Texas county court for the ability to challenge 16 city, county and state officials about their involvement in an effort to coordinate lawsuits against the oil and gas giant. Meanwhile, New York City has jumped on board with a suit against Big Oil, the latest effort to attribute responsibility for climate change impacts.

Republican Tax Cuts May Actually Accelerate Flow of Jobs Overseas

Under new U.S. tax laws, there will still be little incentive for companies to invest in manufacturing in the U.S, as they will be taxed up to twice amount on those profits generated here as on goods produced in factories operating overseas.

New Supply Chain Map Targets Chinese Suppliers of Big Apparel

China’s manufacturing sector reaches markets all across the world. Not surprisingly, it is critical source for supplies that U.S. consumers buy from. The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs have set out to map that relationship. With a bit of sunlight, environmental initiatives get a lot easier. Gap, Puma, Espirit, New Balance, Inditex and Target have agreed to have their sourcing featured.

5 Key Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies in 2017

What is the best way to combat the effects of climate change? Researchers discovered this year that there is no one answer. Improving biodiversity, building smart housing and multipurpose green spaces and making conservation education fun are among the big takeaways for 2017.

The 3 Disruptors Reshaping the Food Industry

Pea protein isolates and recombinant proteins were once unheard of. Now they are part of a booming industry. Food disruptors are vying for a lucrative part of the vegan food, while restaurants are standing by.

Santa Cruz County and City Join Efforts to Sue Oil and Gas Companies

Two public entities have joined the effort to sue Big Oil. The city and county of Santa Cruz, Calif. filed their suits last week and have upped the ante when it comes to supporting research that claim high-carbon emitters have a responsibility for climate change.

Coal Divestment isn’t Enough, Says CarbonTracker

Staying below the 2-degree C. threshold won’t be possible as long as coal has a role in energy production, says the nonprofit CarbonTracker. Its latest report examines the European Union, which has been in the past a leader of energy reform. Simply regulating coal energy production to encourage divestment in the EU won’t force the shift as long opportunistic investors can buy up distressed coal operations and don’t have an imperative to join the switch to clean energy.

Addressing the Cost of Home Heating for Working Families

Nearly a fifth of American wage earners face a real struggle paying their home heating bills. Fortunately, there are programs in place in every state to help. But are they enough? Researchers say low-income heating energy assistance is vital, but it’s only part of the answer: more needs to be done to ensure the country’s working families have access to energy efficient homes and services, too.

The Weinstein Company May Get a New CEO, and She’s Got Remake Plans

Sexual abuse allegations and lawsuits against media mogul Harvey Weinstein have plunged the Weinstein Company into an image crisis. The “white knight” acquisition proposal that may have the best chance of salvaging both the company’s assets and its image, say experts is an unlikely bidder: a 62-year-old Latina with a savvy eye for investments that will hasten social change to the country’s biggest economic drivers.