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European Wind a “Recession-Busting” Industry

Europe’s wind energy industry contributed an additional 33%– 32 billion euros (~$41.6 billion) to EU GDP between 2007 and 2010, growing at double the rate of the EU economy as a whole in 2010, the European Wind Energy announced on the opening day of EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen. The EWEA’s forecasting greater gains ahead, if the EU continues its renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction drives.

An Open Letter to Ann Amioka, California Chamber of Commerce

The Jump-start Our Business Start-ups (JOBS) Act recently received the Senate’s approval and would help small companies raise capital, if enacted. As business students looking at alternative funding mechanisms that can contribute to our local economies, we have identified Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) as an existing method to access public financing for companies too small to use the traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) process.

Project Repat Reinvents Your Old Garments, Pays Fair Wages in US

We all have old, well loved garments that never get worn anymore. Project Repat now offers an option to reinvigorate them via custom bags, ties, and more, made based on what you send in. It’s made domestically via a worker owned shop that pays fair wages, focusing on organic and local sourcing.

Can Crowdsourcing Really Work for Unilever?

Unilever has a vision of a better future for our world and its business and it needs your help to make it happen. The company unveiled a new Open Innovation website to gather and assess ideas from external resources, inviting “anyone who has a fresh, serious approach to new thinking” to pitch in. What do you get in return? The opportunity to make a difference to millions of people’s lives and a financial reward if Unilever decides to pursue your idea. Can crowdsourcing really work for Unilever?

Network Your Way to a Thriving Green Business – Advice from Nikki Pava of EcoTuesday

By Lorna Li If you want to discover what corporate responsibility really looks like, interview 100 of the top CEOs in the world and ask them what they’re doing about our planet’s social and environmental problems. That’s what Nikki Pava did as a marketing and communications professional for many years, working with corporations in Bangkok, … Continued

Technology for Good: GE’s Manufacturing a Long Trail of Innovation

Both GE’s size and scope of its manufacturing have grown exponentially beyond the company’s manufacturing plant expansion in Schenectady, New York 110 years ago. Beyond the size of its manufacturing facilities across the globe, the company has had an enormous impact on just about every manufactured item we can see or touch today.

Wife Swapping Hits Sharing Economy

Just kidding!  Happy April Fools 2012 :-) It was only a matter of time before dating sites got into the game. Up until now, the sharing economy has been limited to cars, designer dresses, and books: objects. For the first time ever, people are on offer. Popular social network and dating site OKCupid has developed … Continued

Zero Gachis Mobile App Solves Expired Supermarket Produce Problem

Expired food at supermarkets is a huge source of waste. Zero Gachis is an app that would allow merchants to set discounted prices on soon to expire product, that nearby app users would be alerted of, and in the process, accumulate points that will equal cash donations to area food banks.

Jet Fuel from Pine Trees

Two companies may have found a solution, creating drop-in jet fuel from biomass. Not only have the companies created the jet fuel, but the fuel has also passed rigorous military testing.