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The Power of Social Entrepreneurship to Create a Sustainable World

How can we successfully rise to these challenges? In theory, development that is sustainable and not damaging to the planet is doable. In reality, there are challenges at every step, and so far our record on moving towards sustainability in a collective manner, with a common framework, appears to have been quite feeble.

Bottlenecks of Utility Scale Renewable Energy

Renewable energy still has a long way to go to be our de facto utility energy source, especially in a state like California. What bottlenecks are keeping us from a renewable energy future?

Women Angel Investors on the Rise

What a difference a year makes!  In 2011, the Pipeline Fellowship  began as a single program in New York to train ten women to become angel investors and support women social entrepreneurs.  In 2012, the Pipeline Fellowship is expanding to include two locations, four programs, and will train forty women.

Kodak’s New Film: Solar

One opportunity for struggling Kodak lies in thin-film solar technology. The company is partnering with Natcore Technologies to create flexible solar cells.

Spring Back Recycling Builds Up Lives While Breaking Down Mattresses

Getting rid of mattresses is difficult. Most landfills don’t want them as they are bulky and the springs in them damage the crushing equipment. This is where Spring Back, the mattress recycling initiative comes in. Nashville-based Spring Back Recycling is a non-profit organization that works to break down mattresses and build up the lives of formerly incarcerated … Continued

AbleBanking: A New Bank the Big Ones Shouldn’t Ignore

Did you know Bank of America donated around $200 million last year to charitable causes? It sounds impressive, until you find out that that’s 0.02% of deposits. With all the consumer uproar around banks adding new fees, and the huge success Bank Transfer Day had getting people to move their money to a local credit … Continued

Impact Investing Expands in Hawai’i

Impact investing is filling a void in the sustainable economy, giving green startups access to capital that has long been the challenge to many sustainable enterprises.

Rocky Road Ahead: An Economic and Political Outlook for 2012

Here are a few predictions and observations we’ve pulled together based on the past year’s experience at LJPR, LLC, an independent wealth management firm, managing over $400 million in assets as of November 2011. You may want to sit down with a favorite beverage or even an aspirin. In general, we’re certain this will not be a nice steady year.

India Emerges as Solar Energy Hotspot

A growing host of India’s business conglomerates is leveraging the Indian government’s national solar energy program and investing in the sector, that latest being the Bhanshali group’s Talma Chemical Industries. Talma’s Visual Percept Solar Projects intends to invest in building 100-MW of solar energy generation capacity.

California Renewable Energy Off to a Good Start in 2012 with Five Big Projects

Renewable energy is getting off to a good 2012 start in California with the approval of 5 renewable energy projects that will bring more than 1-GW of clean electrical power and more than 2,900-GWh per year of clean energy on-line. California’s Public Utilities Commission approved investor-owned utility contracts for three SunPower solar, one NextEra Energy wind and one Pattern Energy wind energy project with Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric.

Social Entrepreneurship: A Quest to be More Fully Human

Social entrepreneurs are starting new organizations that combine best management practices with a socio-ecological purpose. They are expanding the boundaries of what it means to do business and innovating new organizational structures to respond to the needs and demands of an aching society.

Electric Bicycle Trailer From Ridekick Offers a Useful Boost

Fort Collins, Colorado-based start-up, Ridekick, has a new take on the electric bicycle: they offer something that’s not a bicycle at all. Instead, they think an electric powered trailer that can be easily attached to most conventional bikes is a better solution. The Ridekick is an option for the cyclist who wants either full time, … Continued