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The Imperative of Climate Adaptation Planning

In 2018, state and city policies should focus on climate change prevention, with programs that reduce emissions, while also preparing for worst-case scenarios with action plans to cope with the (inevitable) aftermath of disasters. It is critical that adaptation is planned for in parallel with regulatory efforts.

Federal Budget Bill Includes Massive Tax Credits for Carbon Capture

Among a slew of spending and tax credits tucked into the budget bill signed by U.S. President Trump, one of them, known as 45Q, expands tax incentives for carbon capture, including from the air. With no cap on the available tax credits and 12 years to claim them, 45Q is poised to do for carbon capture what similar incentives did for wind and solar power: unleash private sector investments that catapult the technology into its maturity.

Richmond Sues Its Hometown Oil Refinery for Global Warming Impacts

Richmond California has joined the fight against Big Oil. It’s now the 10 location to sue oil, gas and coal companies, alleging that their products are causing global warming and affecting the environment. And there’s an odd distinction about this particular suit: It’s being launched against Richmond’s largest and wealthiest employer, Chevron, which owns the city’s hometown oil refinery.

Policy Points: Paid Leave for Less Than 1/2 Cent per Dollar of Pay

February 5, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). It allows certain employees to take unpaid, job-protected time off work to care for themselves, a seriously ill family member, or a new child.

Michigan 2-1-1: State-of-the-Art Planning Keeps Residents Warm

Michigan 2-1-1 is more than an information database. It provides an essential web of services that help state residents stay connected when need arises. We talk with the agency’s Executive Director Tom Page to find out how the a coalition of more than 7,000 organizations and programs ensures the power stays on for Michiganders, even during difficult financial times.

The Value of Variety in ESG Reporting

It might seem counterintuitive, but there is value in this variety within the current ESG reporting landscape–at least for now.

Trump Administration’s Massive Tax on Imported Solar Panels

President Trump’s decision Monday to impose a massive 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels will cause far more harm than good – for jobs, for our environment and for America’s ability to lead on clean energy.

Comprehensive Strategies for Promoting Educational Equity

How can nonprofit organizations, private enterprise, and public government work together to transform education? Will it take a massive upswing in the number of school-managed community gardens and partnerships with local farms and school cafeterias? How can we change our “second-tier nation” status for the good of our children’s future, rather than our national ego?