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ExxonMobil Plans to Sue Climate-Impacted Communities

ExxonMobil has petitioned a Texas county court for the ability to challenge 16 city, county and state officials about their involvement in an effort to coordinate lawsuits against the oil and gas giant. Meanwhile, New York City has jumped on board with a suit against Big Oil, the latest effort to attribute responsibility for climate change impacts.

Republican Tax Cuts May Actually Accelerate Flow of Jobs Overseas

Under new U.S. tax laws, there will still be little incentive for companies to invest in manufacturing in the U.S, as they will be taxed up to twice amount on those profits generated here as on goods produced in factories operating overseas.

California’s Scoping Plan: Setting a Path for Climate Targets

Put simply, this document “scopes” out California’s “plan” to meet our climate targets. As the state’s GHG reduction goals have become increasingly ambitious, the path forward to success more convoluted, and the role of California as a global climate change mitigation leader more significant, getting the Scoping Plan right is critical.

China Launches World’s Largest Carbon Market

China’s new carbon market, announced earlier this month, is expected to manage over 3 billion tons of carbon, which would make it at least 50 percent larger than the European Union’s cap-and-trade system.

Trump Vows to Kill 50 Years of Federal Health and Safety Protections

President Trump wants to set the regulatory clock back to 1960, and last week he acted it out for the cameras. Wielding a pair of golden scissors at a White House photo op, he cut red tape strung around two stacks of paper. One was a small pile of some 20,000 pages representing the amount of regulations in 1960; the other a mound of more than 185,000 pages representing those of today.

“We’re getting back below the 1960 level,” Trump declared, “and we’ll be there fairly quickly.” There’s only one problem. That mountain of paper Trump used as a prop symbolizes hard-won measures that protect us.

The 7 Reasons Why Environmental Restoration Lags Worldwide

A report World Resources Institute issued earlier this week suggests seven essential steps by which governments and the private sector can find ways to make ecosystems restoration an attractive financial proposition.