The Future of the U.S. Railway System

Rails and subways are a big part of the public transportation infrastructure in areas with a high population density but when it comes to trains, the U.S. is lagging behind the rest of the world. What sort of future are we looking at for the U.S. railway system?

Embattled Uber Releases Its First Diversity Report

Uber released its first diversity report following months of bad press, including fierce backlash over sexual harassment allegations. And the disappointing figures reveal its recruitment struggles are similar to many Silicon Valley companies.

Uber’s Leadership Crisis Demonstrates How Values Impact Brand

A steady drip of negative stories over the past several weeks has snowballed into a full communications crisis for Uber — one that peaked recently, as CEO Travis Kalanick fought through tears to admit that the time has come to “grow up” and that he needs “leadership help.”

London’s Electric Black Cabs Get Arctic Cold

London’s iconic fleet of black taxicabs is going electric. And in order to ensure they won’t stutter in the cold, the company is testing these new EVs in extreme conditions in Norway’s Arctic.