We’re constantly asked to define “CSR” and to help people find out basic information about how to get started on the subject. In addition a substantial set of articles on 3p, much work has been done by other organizations to help you out with the basics as well as to help make the business case for CSR more obvious.

Collected here in the Corporate Social Responsibility PDF Library are a featured selection of timely PDFs on key CSR topics, curated by TriplePundit and our partners.

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Basic CSR Introductions

David Crowther & Guler Aras

Defining Corporate Social Responsibility

Definitions and principles of CSR, stakeholders and the social contrast, issues concerning sustainability and CSR in ethics, reporting, globalisation and leadership.
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Within the world of business, the main “responsibility” for corporations has historically been to make money and increase shareholder value. In other words, corporate financial responsibility has been the sole bottom line driving force. However, in the last decade, a movement defining broader corporate responsibilities–for the environment, for local communities, for working conditions, and for ethical practices–has gathered momentum and taken hold.
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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Corporate Social Responsibility Can Be Profitable

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a doctrine that promotes expanded social stewardship by businesses and organizations. CSR suggests that corporations embrace responsibilities toward a broader group of stakeholders (customers, employees and the community at large) in addition to their customary financial obligations to stockholders.
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What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an increasingly important activity to businesses nationally and internationally. As globalisation accelerates and large corporations serve as global providers, these corporations have progressively recognised the benefits of providing CSR programs in their various locations. CSR activities are now being undertaken throughout the globe.
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Advanced Reading

AHA! Writers, TriplePundit

7 Steps to turning your CSR report into a year of communications content

A CSR reports is big. Virtually no area of your company is off limits. It often covers a year or more of activity. Some reports are well over 100 pages and packed with information. Second, it’s hairy. Most CR reports take on complex and controversial issues that don’t have clear-cut solutions—dealing with climate change, designing products to be safe and environmentally responsible, and protecting human rights in the supply chain, to name just a few. And third, it’s got a huge appetite. It takes a lot of time and effort to gather and vet information from every corner of the organization, write (and rewrite) and design the report, and navigate the maze of reviews and approvals.
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Corporate Citizenship

Adding Value Through Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is changing. Using an online questionnaire followed by individual interviews Corporate Citizenship set about taking a snapshot of the current state of reporting as experienced by over 150 practitioners. Recipients were asked them about their reporting audiences, formats used, preferred frameworks, attitudes to integrated reporting and the challenges they faced.Their responses were used to test a time-based model of reporting development, to identify current best practice and uncover a future direction for sustainability reporting.
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AHA! Writers

How to move beyond the corporate responsibility report

All too often a company posts its CR report to its website, issues a press release, maybe updates its blog and sends out a tweet, and calls it good. At least for a few months, until planning for the next report begins. The better option? Move beyond a standalone, once-a-year report to an ongoing CR communications platform to connect with the people you most want to reach. Learn more in this informative PDF from AHA! Writers, a communications firm specializing in CR reporting.
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Center for Creative Leadership

Corporate SoCial
reSponSibility and SuStainable buSineSS

Corporations around the world are struggling with a new role, which is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generations to meet their own needs. Organizations are being called upon to take responsibility for the ways their operations impact societies and the natural environment.
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International Institute for Sustainable Development

Corporate Social Responsibility An Implementation Guide for Business

The guide, which draws heavily on a 2005 guide prepared by the Government of Canada for a Canadian audience, aims to provide practical guidance to companies operating in the international context.1 With this in mind, we have made a special effort to highlight issues and examples from around the world.
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