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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the CDP represent two of the best-respected and most prevalent non-financial reporting guidelines today.  The GRI provides a comprehensive framework for disclosing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability impacts, management and performance.

The CDP collects and publishes data that supports decision-making on climate change (carbon emissions), water, supply chain and forestry.

ISOS CSR is a licensed training partner for both of these important initiatives and provides training to support organizational efforts to transform their impacts and to communicate these efforts to investors, customers, government and other stakeholders.  ISOS CSR is the leading trainer for the GRI in the world.

Our Approach

ISOS CSR applies innovative, but practical approaches to learning that will fast track you to expert status by equipping trainees with the know-how required to manage the reporting process. Through presentations and interactive learning, participants will be able to firmly grasp the reporting methodologies of GRI and CDP and devise a process adequate to your individual needs. Our experienced instructors will provide participants with lively instruction utilizing the most up-to-date copyrighted material, guides, tools and case studies, while also facilitating active learning.


GRI Topics Include:  Material aspects and boundaries, stakeholder engagement, data collection, goal setting and GRI principles for defining report content and quality, external assurance, report publication and project management. Additionally, the new G4 Modules will bring you up to date with the latest requirements for CSR reporting including new “In Accordance” levels (Core or Comprehensive); new disclosures regarding Governance, Ethics and Integrity and Equal Remuneration; and new GRI indicators related to Procurement Practices, Grievance Mechanisms and Supplier Assessment.

CDP Topics Include: Reporting drivers and purpose, the regulatory environment, climate change risks, and techniques for effectively addressing the CDP modules for maximum point allocation. More specifically, participants will walk away with a better understanding of the CDP guidance documents and scoring methodology; scoring myths and tips for modeling best practice; services and tools available to help CDP responders improve disclosure.


Want to find out more about the GRI? Click here to read our recent articles or watch this video from the Editor in Chief of TriplePundit, Jen Boynton and the CEO of ISOS group, Nancy Mancilla, both of whom are also frequent trainers in the course: