Hult International Business School has teamed up with TriplePundit to create an experiential learning project to help students gain and present comprehensive knowledge of the world of social entrepreneurship. This project will present to TriplePundit’s readers a series of articles, interviews, and analysis on various challenges to which social entrepreneurship offers a solution.

In brief, each team assignment will consist of 3-4 articles identifying problems & describing their scope. They will also analyze government policy surrounding the issue and profile an entrepreneur addressing this problem.

Part One: Problem Statements

In these articles students were asked to give an overview of a sustainability challenge and some of the entrepreneurial and policy solutions currently being attempted.

  1. Water Crisis in Africa
  2. Homelessness in San Francisco
  3. Fair Trade for Indian Cotton Farmers
  4. Microfinance Regulation and Policy
Part Two: The Profiles

In the following articles, students were asked to profile or interview a social entrepreneur addressing a problem:

  1. Rural Healthcare in India (World Health Partners)
  2. Indigenous farmers in Ecuador (Runa)
  3. Women’s economic development in Africa (Songa)
  4. Fishery Degradation (Olazul)
  5. Clean water in Africa (Lifestraw)
  6. Homelessness in San Francisco (Solutions SF)
Part Three: Conclusions & Recommendations

Finally, students were asked to provide recommendations to those interested in solving these problems:

  1. Critique on outside aid in Africa’s water crisis
  2. Berkeley’s GHG reduction plan is a model for other cities
  3. Companies should recognize importance of water conservation