Federal Budget Bill Includes Massive Tax Credits for Carbon Capture

Among a slew of spending and tax credits tucked into the budget bill signed by U.S. President Trump, one of them, known as 45Q, expands tax incentives for carbon capture, including from the air. With no cap on the available tax credits and 12 years to claim them, 45Q is poised to do for carbon capture what similar incentives did for wind and solar power: unleash private sector investments that catapult the technology into its maturity.

IT Group Takes on Tech Addiction

One of the contentions of the group, known as the Center for Humane Technology, is that moderating the visuals on mobile telephones to make them less attractive could save some users from addiction.

Impossible Foods Tackles Local Food Insecurity

Impossible Foods has introduced a program to feed people plagued by food insecurity with the zero-cholesterol Impossible Burger, made entirely from plants with reduced environmental impact.

How Amazon Could Revolutionize Health Care

The Harvard Business Review describes how Amazon’s demonstrated technological capabilities could be adapted to deliver revolutionary change in the health care industry.

Xcel Energy Expects to Save Millions with Renewables

Colorado’s largest utility has millions of customers across eight Midwestern states, from Texas to Michigan, so any decision it makes has a big impact on the country’s energy strategy.