New Supply Chain Map Targets Chinese Suppliers of Big Apparel

China’s manufacturing sector reaches markets all across the world. Not surprisingly, it is critical source for supplies that U.S. consumers buy from. The Natural Resources Defense Council and the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs have set out to map that relationship. With a bit of sunlight, environmental initiatives get a lot easier. Gap, Puma, Espirit, New Balance, Inditex and Target have agreed to have their sourcing featured.

Hugo Boss Accused of Forced Labor in India

According to a recent report, evidence of worker confinement and other examples of bonded labor have been found in the supply chain of luxury fashion retailer Hugo Boss.

Time’s Up on Workplace Harassment of All Women, Say These Activists

Over 300 women, who are mostly from the worlds of film, television and theater, have launched Time’s Up, an initiative that seeks to address inequality and injustice in the workplace – for all women, not just those with a long filmography or huge Twitter following.

Connecting Sustainable Development Goals and Materiality

As a business our future depends on our ability to provide safe, secure and sustainable products to consumers. No business can succeed in the long run without a well thought-through sustainability strategy, particularly as it is businesses that are best attuned to ‘feel’ the impact of the global drivers that undermine business continuity, i.e. the risks and opportunities related to responsible business behavior.