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TriplePundit’s popular Podium Platform has now been upgraded to CSRwire news distribution – more than quadrupling our reach and creating tremendous new value for you.

A trusted voice since 1999, CSRwire is a digital media platform for the latest news, views and reports in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. CSRwire has helped to pave the way for new standards of corporate citizenship, earning the international respect of thought leaders, business leaders, academics, researchers, activists and the media. The CSRwire team works on a wide range of traditional and social media services and solutions to support its members’ marketing and communications strategies.

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CSRwire: Where News Gets Its News

CSRwire is the most trusted brand for quality Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability content distribution with 25 categories and multimedia channels.

CSRwire Audience

We are a newswire service as well as our members’ most trusted CSR advisor, working with them and their agencies on a wide range of services and solutions to support their marketing and communications strategies. We specialize in social media and multimedia communication strategies, including blogs, targeted social media engagement campaigns, videos and packaging branded content delivery.

Targeted Distribution:

Not only do we help you reach your target audience through customizable distribution lists – here’s a sample of media outlets – our dedicated team of media experts, account managers and editors understand that each client’s needs, and audiences, are different and require delicate tailoring, expert strategy and measurable impressions.

To compliment our broad, worldwide distribution channels we also offer [all customizable and, therefore, measureable]:

  • U.S. Regional Distribution
  • U.S. Designated Market Area Distribution
  • Global Designated Market Area Distribution

Call us today to discuss how to significantly increase your visibility among highly targeted, hard-to-reach audiences.

Diverse Network…

Take a look at our diverse distribution and partners network, for example:

  • Targeted distribution: Engaging over 163,000 active users
  • Global membership: Over 7,000 organizations
  • Syndicated distribution: Over 87 million monthly views
  • Reaching over 224 countries and territories
  • Social Media: With our custom content creation and editorial services, your news will be distributed to a highly engaged—and the largest—network of CSR influencers and thought leaders on social media [Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+]

Custom Analytics

There is little benefit of all our outreach and readership if we cannot provide our members with analytics. So, we follow up all distribution with custom analytics. These analytics help pinpoint where your communication strategy is having the most impact and offer useful insights for planning your next communication campaign.

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