35,000 Restaurants Globally, 70 Million Daily Customers, 5 Sustainability Goals: McDonald’s to Participate in Live Twitter Chat

When a company like McDonald’s with worldwide presence and a complex network of employees, suppliers, activists and consumers, creates a CSR strategy, you expect flavor, complexity, challenges.

And lots of discussion about the “right” approach.

McDonald's Journey for GoodFor the fast food giant, which restructured its CSR and sustainability team in 2012 to focus on developinga strategic CSR framework, the process was, shall we say, meaty. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles – and more – are among the ingredients for the famous Big Mac. Two years, special considerations, changes and patience are among the key ingredients for the recently adopted CSR Framework.

Like a well-balanced meal, McDonald’s has put five portions on its CSR plate: Food, Sourcing, Planet, People and Community.

2020 aspirational goals include:

  • Supporting sustainable beef production by collaborating to develop global principles and criteria, and to begin purchasing a portion of beef from verified sustainable sources in 2016
  • Increasing the amount of in-restaurant recycling by 50% at company-owned restaurants in nine of its top markets; and
  • Developing goals by 2015 to reduce salt/sodium, sugar, saturated fat or calories across the menu in nine of its top markets.

McDonald’s goals are no small potatoes.

“Our new CSR Framework demonstrates our intent to grow the business while having a positive impact on society,” said Bob Langert, VP of Sustainability at McDonald’s. “Now, more than ever, customers care about their food and where it comes from. They want to know what companies like McDonald’s are doing to improve the world in which they live. Because of our size and scale, we can influence change for the better.”

There’s lots to talk about – and using the 2012-2013 CSR and Sustainability Report as a foundation, CSRwire’s Aman Singh and TriplePundit’s Nick Aster will host a live conversation on May 7, 2014, with Bob Langert, a 30-year McDonald’s veteran and passionate proponent of context and materiality. Among the topics we hope to cover:

  • How does McDonald’s plan on fulfilling its sustainability goals when a majority of its stores are independent franchises?
  • How is it leveraging its brand presence to shift consumer behavior and educate them on all-things sustainability?
  • McDonald’s is nearly 60 years old. What do the next 50 years hold for its impact on waste, recycling, sourcing and animal welfare?
  • What is the company doing to reduce sodium, sugar and/or saturated fat across its menu?
  • What are some of the challenges it’s facing in aligning taste preferences with nutrition?

Here’s what you need to know:

Date: May 7, 2014

Time: 1pm ET

Hashtag: #McDSustainability

Speaker: Bob Langert, McDonald’s VP of Sustainability @mcdonaldscorp

Moderators: @AmanSinghCSR   @CSRwire   ||   @nickaster  @triplepundit

To register, send out the following tweet:

I’ll join @CSRwire & @triplepundit to discuss how @mcdonaldscorp is addressing #McDSustainability challenges http://bit.ly/McDSusty


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