5 Ways to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly

It’s good to be green.

With Earth Day celebrations still fresh in the mind, environmental protection should be dominating the thoughts of conscientious individuals and organisations across the globe.

As a business owner, becoming a friend of the environment is more vital than ever, with consumer demand and potential cost savings – not to mention the ecological benefits – helping drive change.

Admittedly, every organisation is different, and the reasons for going green will vary, but its importance when standing apart from your competition simply cannot be denied.

Given the UK’s dependence on global trade and resources, climate change and a growing global population means there’s more pressure than ever before on energy and natural resources.

Consequently, the government is urging businesses to use water, energy and natural materials more efficiently, with the savings to firms working out at around £23 billion a year.

Throw in the recent double dip, white-knuckle recession ride and it’s clear to see that most small businesses can ill afford not to cut their energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

So if you’re looking to reap immediate benefits by lowering your energy use and becoming more eco-friendly, read on to find out how…

Use Your Eyes

Take a quick look around the office and what do you see? Folk lounging around in deckchairs and fanning themselves with a dog-eared copy of the Radio Times? If so, turn the blasted heating down.

By being on the ball and noticing when and where energy is being wasted, it will allow you to get a handle on events and makes moves to implement the rest of the steps listed below.

Install Eco-Friendly Products

By installing devices to save water and energy, they will go a long way to shrinking your firm’s carbon footprint AND reducing your energy bills.

For example, you can implement environmentally friendly urinal sleeves in your washrooms to save up to 90 per cent of water usage, alongside energy saving bulbs and LEDs to slash lighting costs.

Turn Things Off

It sounds obvious, but make sure machinery and equipment is turned off overnight to avoid paying more than you need to for your energy.

Additionally, remember to switch off any air-conditioning system when not in use, lest this kind of lackadaisical approach has Mother Nature shaking her fist in fury at your laziness.

Get Colleagues On Board

Trying to cut your company’s carbon footprint alone can be a thankless task – which is why getting your colleagues all aboard the eco-train is an absolute no-brainer.

Rather than coming across as a tree hugging madman, your employees should appreciate the efforts you’re making, and be more than willing to help you and the business become more eco-friendly.

Slash Transportation Costs

We all know that petrol isn’t exactly cheap. Consequently, in an effort to cut costs – and nasty emissions from your car’s exhaust – a more efficient approach to transportation is required.

This can be done by encouraging carpooling or offering incentives to workers using public transport or cycling to work. Alternatively, consider investing in motors that are cheaper to run and maintain.


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