Announcing EarthSmart, a Simplified Life Cycle Assessment Tool to Enable Sustainable Materials Selection

EarthShift is proud to announce the launch of EarthSmart, a simplified Life Cycle Assessment tool designed to enable sustainable product innovation through materials selection.

New Web-based software tool, developed by EarthShift, brings Life Cycle Assessment one step closer to the mainstream with true multi-user functionality and robust data sets

Huntington, VT – March 11, 2013 – EarthShift is proud to announce the launch of EarthSmart, a simplified Life Cycle Assessment  tool designed to enable sustainable product innovation through materials selection.

Selecting environmentally preferable materials is critically important for attaining improved environmental performance. It’s also a key to increasing innovation. From ideation through prototyping and production, EarthSmart allows designers and managers to integrate environmental assessment earlier and more continuously in the design process, when leverage is high and the cost of change is low.

LCA is a highly technical and specialized practice that has traditionally been left to a few internal company experts or outside consultants. As LCA continues to move into the mainstream, expert users can quickly become overwhelmed by requests for analysis and reports. EarthSmart addresses this challenge by providing a highly intuitive solution that non-LCA experts can leverage for materials section and environmental impact reporting. The internal  LCA expert or external consultant can easily configure the application to meet the needs of different groups within the organization, allowing the tool to grow with the non-LCA expert as they learn more about LCA, modeling and impact assessment.

EarthSmart offers:

  • True multi-user functionality, with four different user types
  • Settable parameters that allow easy scenario analysis for product designers
  • Simplified modeling that enables designers to make small changes to existing models and quickly see the results
  • More extensive modeling capability that allows users to expand their capabilities as they learn more about LCA
  • The ability to quickly add custom recycling rates and waste overrides for individual materials
  • A view into the environmental “hot spots” of a design
  • User-friendly reporting feature, connected to MS Word, that allows new reports to be easily generated and updated whenever changes are made to the analysis
  • Ability to create customized templates for Environmental Product Declarations
  • Life Cycle Inventory Data (LCI) from over 4,000 processes available in the ecoinvent and USLCI databases and the ability to import custom data from other LCA tools
  • A Web-based software as a service model, allowing users to access the program anywhere with no IT involvement
  • Subscription licensing, including a pay as you go option

The EarthSmart software tool allows companies to seamlessly integrate ISO-certified Life Cycle Assessment into their design and materials selection process, helping users to monitor and analyze the environmental impact of their designs through the entire product life cycle.

About EarthShift: Founded in 2000, EarthShift is a leading international provider of sustainability solutions, including Life Cycle Assessment. EarthShift provides software, training, and consulting services that allow organizations to engage in informed decision-making about the social, economic, and environmental consequences that flow from their activities. Visit us online at EarthShift.

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