Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company Launches Kickstarter for 3D Printed Custom Sweaters

Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company wants to be the first in the world to offer custom knit sweaters made in the USA using 3D printing technology.

Appalatch Outdoor Apparel Company wants to be the first in the world to offer custom knit sweaters made in the USA using 3D printing technology. On October 22nd, founders Grace Gouin and Mariano deGuzman launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $50,000 to help them purchase the machine needed to knit the sweaters for mass production.

The machine, called a “full-fashion knitting machine,” is essentially a 3D printer for garments. “It’s a total game changer,” said deGuzman. “With this machine, we can create any knitted garment in any dimension imaginable.” “If you think about it, there are 5 billion people on the planet, and a few standard sizes, and yet we’re all individuals with different body types and our own unique dimensions,” added Gouin.

With purchase of the full-fashion knitting machine, customers will be able to submit their dimensions through and order a classically designed, high-quality Appalatch sweater that’s customized for the perfect fit and 100% made in the USA.

Gouin and deGuzman started Appalatch in 2012 as a heritage-inspired, sustainable outdoor apparel company with a goal to change the way clothing is made, sold, and used. Their business model is built on “slow fashion,” focusing on ethically producing garments in America, with a local supply-chain that’s close to home.

Purchasing the full-fashion knitting machine will further enhance their mission of sustainability as it virtually produces zero waste. In the traditional sweater manufacturing process, sweaters are cut from rolls of knit fabric—like cookies out of rolled dough—leaving lots of unusable scraps, as much as 30% of the fabric.  With the full-fashion knitting machine there is virtually zero waste, which not only preserves precious resources, but supports a fair price for the high-quality American-made custom sweaters.

The Appalatch Kickstarter campaign will run until December 6th. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, it’s all or nothing: They need to reach their goal of $50,000 by the deadline or they won’t receive any of the money pledged.

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