Automation Companies Like Vivint Make Going Green Tech Savvy

A home automation system, like those offered by Vivint, grants customers complete control over their home's energy consumption, as well as security.

When the general public thinks of going green, they tend to think of purchasing reusable bags, shopping local, or even going as far as installing solar panels or a geothermal system in their home. However, very few consider easy and affordable technologies, such as a home automation system, which can actually greatly reduce a home’s carbon footprint. For businesses interested in creating and selling green technologies, a consumer’s lack of knowledge surrounding simpler and affordable green technologies is still a hurdle needing to be overcome.

Bringing Green Tech to the Customers Level

Technology is still seen as an energy drain to most who are concerned with living more green, and many consumers don’t think outside the box in terms of green saving technologies. Wind turbines and green data centers are seen as something only for big business. Home automation allows consumers to bring advanced green technologies right into their own homes. No major installations are needed. No toting around additional products or driving out to farmer’s markets. No major commitments. Just easy to use software that makes creating a more energy efficient home simple, yet highly effective.

Interactive Programming

The biggest draw to home automation is that it makes home efficiency interactive, convenient, and mobile through platforms that people already use on a daily basis. If a customer forgets to turn off their lights and realizes it halfway to work, they don’t have to turn around and waste gas to turn off the lights. He or she can simply pull out their smartphone and turn off the lights with through an interactive app. The same app will also allow them to manage their thermostats as needed to reduce energy usage.

The ability to make a product more interactive, and even moreso to make it mobile, makes home automation appealing to both the tech savvy and the not so tech savvy. It turns home efficiency into a sort of gadget that can be tinkered with and played with on a daily basis – almost like a remote control for a home – making a customer more likely to use and monitor their home, and its energy usage, on a regular basis.

Giving Complete Control

One of the biggest issues with most green technologies is that consumers don’t know much about them or how they work which make clients less likely to truly consider them. Solar panels simply need sun and geothermal units are simply installed underground. Consumers don’t see themselves having very much control, and many are concerned with hefty investments in which they can’t readily control.

A home automation system, however, like those offered by Vivint, grant customers complete control over their home’s energy consumption, as well as security. Because home automation products like these offer complete control they are more likely to be purchased and used on a regular basis – which not only reduces energy usage, but also greatly promotes such technologies.

For other companies looking to make popular and useful green technologies, they should consider offering the accessibility, interaction, and control similar to that which home automation systems offer. Not only will customers be more inclined to purchase them, but they will also be more eager to interact with them, overall reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints.

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