How to Become an Early Riser: Creative Tips for Getting Out of Bed Early

Is anything more difficult than climbing out of your warm, comfortable bed on a cool morning? For some, getting out of bed early is a natural, everyday activity that needs little effort or hard work.

For others, particularly the world’s habitual night owls, getting out of bed at dawn is almost impossible. Tired and uninspired, many people would rather stay in bed for a few more minutes than get out and start their day.

These five tips from The Odd Mattress Company are designed to help even the groggiest night owls out of bed in the morning without any feelings of tiredness or fatigue during the day. If you’ve struggled with early wake-ups in the past, give all five of them a try next time you’re stuck beneath your sheets.

1. Set two different alarm clocks

It’s easy to sleep through one alarm clock, particularly when it’s within arm’s reach of your bed. Set two alarm clocks, however, and you’ll be forced to move around to switch both of them off.

If you constantly turn your alarm clock to ‘snooze’ and go back to sleep, try this easy tip: put one alarm clock on your bedside table and another in the bathroom. A short walk to the bathroom is often all it takes you completely wake you up.

2. Open the curtains before you sleep

If your bedroom is dark in the morning, your body could struggle to adapt to the day and ‘wake up’ internally. Open your curtains – even by just a few inches – and you’ll wake up to comfortable, energising daylight.

3. Inspire yourself with ancient wisdom

Even Roman Emperors struggled with early mornings. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD, inspired himself in the early morning with the following quote:

At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself, “I have to go to work – as a human being. What do I have to complain of, if I’m going to do what I was born for – the things I was brought into the world to do? Or is this what I was created for? To huddle under the blankets and stay warm?”

4. Wake up at the same time every day

Going to bed at the same time every night will help you wake up early, but not quite as well as waking up at the same time every morning. Regardless of when you go to sleep, make sure you wake up at a consistent time every day for steady alertness.

5. Schedule important work for the morning

Force yourself out of bed by scheduling appointments and phone calls for early in the morning. Whether it’s coffee with a friend or an early-morning run, schedule a task for early in the morning and you’ll be forced to wake up on time.

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