BeGood launches first-ever direct-to-consumer organic clothing line

BeGood launches first-ever direct-to-consumer organic clothing line with 26 styles on June 3rd.

BeGood Clothing fashions clothing that is timeless in profile, outrageously affordable and unprecedented its organic properties. The BeGood line is based on what’s called ‘the French closet’ —the Gallic preference for selecting seasonal basics—timeless clothing that never goes out of style.

BeGood Clothing touts itself as the first direct-to-consumer organic clothing line ever. It launches on June 3rd with 26 styles to an already-captivated audience of 15,000 people. BeGood pursues a planet-friendly production cycle from start to finish. Each piece is crafted in GOTS-certified factories, using organic biodegradable materials, low-impact dyes and recycled packaging.

In addition, BeGood skips the middlemen and sells directly to you. When you put on BeGood Clothing, and consider the cost, you will be surprised, and pleased, by their excellence. But then, BeGood is all about confounding expectations.

To offset any impact their production may have had along the way, BeGood donates 12 gallons of potable water to Evidence Action’s Dispensers for Safe Water Program.

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