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Preparing for a business trip can involve a lot – both for the individual travelling and for the company itself.

There’s the all-important preparation of presentations; research; arrangement of travel; booking of accommodation. And then there are the business travel expenses – the man or woman representing the company can’t find themselves stranded without funds in the middle of Tokyo, or embarrassed when it comes to paying for that crucial dinner meeting in Dusseldorf. So why in some organisations can such an important business need be approached in such an archaic fashion, with old systems in place that make life difficult for the individual and can be costly for the business. A Caxton FX business currency card is the must have accessory for business travel and offers many benefits for all involved.

For the accountant in charge of travelling expenses, dealing with petty cash can become a thing of the past. They can simply load funds onto the employee’s card – either by telephone, internet or SMS – prior to the trip, with the choice of Euro, Dollar or Sterling as the currency. They will be in charge of an online account which is easy to control, and furthermore this presents an automatic audit trail – so no more waiting for company credit card bills through.

Things could not be easier for the traveller. Their business currency card can be used at any one of 31 million outlets and ATMs around the world, is chip and PIN secure and works just like their regular credit or debit card. They can use the card with ease, knowing that they’re not having to dip into their own personal finances while simultaneously spending responsibly in the knowledge that the administrator can see the card’s usage. Should an emergency arise that requires more funds, the traveller can contact their administrator and ask them to load more currency onto the card.

And by using business currency cards organisations can save money as well as making life easier for their employees. Caxton FX always offers competitive exchange rates, meaning overseas trips will be no more expensive than they need to be. And – while some merchants and ATMS may charge for use of the card – no point of sale usage charge or management fee is charged by Caxton FX for using one of its cards abroad.

A card with prepaid currency is the solution that business travellers and business travel administrators have been waiting for. With the expenses easily handled, that leaves more time and effort to put towards clinching that big overseas deal.

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