The Biggest Mistake People Unwittingly Make When Recruiting with LinkedIn

Having the right people in your business can mean a thriving year, increased growth and long term success.

Having the right people in your business can mean a thriving year, increased growth and long term success. The key to recruitment is finding the right person for the job. Are you utilizing the number one business network for recruitment purposes? The biggest mistake that most companies make when recruiting with LinkedIn is not making use of all the features (free and paid) that LinkedIn has to offer.

LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of members, is global as well as local, allows you to pinpoint prospective employees and impress them via company page tools.

Ensure you get the best out of all the free recruitment tools, but don’t completely discount the paid for ones as they could well be useful. Think about speaking to a specialist if you are unsure as to how to place the most impactful ad possible.

So what are the free tools available on LinkedIn? It is best to get the basics right first. Do you have a LinkedIn company page? Ensure that it is up-to-date, attractive and that you are sharing interesting, insightful and intriguing updates.

Make sure you post about the job vacancy from your company page. Then ask all your current employees to like the update – your ideal candidate could be in your extended network – by many people liking the job update it will be highlighted and stay current.

Next ensure that you are proactive throughout the recruitment process. Know exactly what you want from your ideal candidate? Then use the advanced search tool. It will allow you to pinpoint the ideal candidate and connect with them.

You may be familiar with posting job ads on external recruitment websites, but what about on LinkedIn? You will be able to access posting to interested candidates, maximize views and find top matches through the jobs tool. Plus see who has been viewing your jobs and target them directly.

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